Wednesday, August 31, 2016

SummerSixteen !

For the past two years, I've done little to no posting here.  The amount of hustling words for profit I did simply didn't allow me the time to write for me.  Beyond that, I didn't even feel like writing.  I wrote in the morning.  I wrote in the evening.  I wrote on trips.  I wrote during lunch.  I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote (quality sentence right there).  Nothing of substance really.  Just some keyword optimization and chatting about ovaries and physical therapy.  Truly boring.  But, it provided a valuable stream of income.  Unfortunately, it cost me a lot of time.  I'd gone back and forth about giving up the hustle for a long time.  Finally, this spring, I'd had it.  I was tired of having no time to myself and being stressed by deadlines.  So. Many. Deadlines.  Work was stressful enough without the added pressure.  I walked away.  I enjoyed my summer, relaxed in the evenings, watched 50 something Game of Thrones episodes.

She is my favorite!!!!!!!!!
I saw Beyonce, Adele and Patti LaBelle.  I saw a zillion kids' movies.  I reclaimed my position on the couch.  I allowed myself to breathe.  I did a couple of 5ks. I made a quick weekend trip to Minnesota. I still did a lot of extra hours for the day job, but I had balance.  I started playing with ideas for short stories.  Something I hadn't done in forever.  

Oh - and I ate three of everything and gained back eight pounds.  Working on that.  

I picked up my first freelance job in months a couple of weekends ago.  A small job, but I set my own rate and made sure my earnings made sense for my time.  I'm trying to find a good work/life/home/hustle balance and find time to write here.  For real.  For real for real.  REALLY.  That's my goal for 37 (coming soon!), writing here more often. 

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