Tuesday, May 10, 2016

20 For 20

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In the two months since my last post (oops) a few things have changed. I lost the extra med weight and am focused as hell Monday through Friday. During the week I'm a carb hating dietary BEAST. But then weekends happen and I lose my damn mind. So I gain a few pounds of bloat and foolishness then lose them during the week and repeat. And repeat and... For the past couple months. Which is a hot mess. The hottest of messes. 

I decided this past weekend that I was going to get my life together ! No more weekend foolishness. I was going to focus on just the next 20 pounds. I was going to do 20 for 20. What does that mean? No idea. I made it up and didn't bother to explain it to myself. 

Twenty pounds in 20 days isn't safe or realistic. Instead, for 20 days I'm going to focus on one thing per day. Does that make sense? Heck if I know, I'm making it up as I go along. 

Day 1 - Water 

Water is vitally important to any diet. And especially important for those who have massive amount of carb bloat and would like their pants not to hurt. Triple that importance for those who have given away all their fat pants.  My goal was 64 ounces for the day, so far I'm beating that by 20 or so. 

I know I can do this if I just stay focused. 

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