Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Finding Positivity

8:26 PM

A week ago I wrote about how I was falling apart. Well... Turns out that my meds have a convent side effect of water retention. I am excelling at the side effect Olympics because I'm up like 8 pounds. Eight whole pounds. 

At first, I stayed really focused. No carbs. No foolishness. But as the scale continued to betray me - yes I took it personal - I found it harder to stay that way. I mean what's the point of trying when it doesn't matter ?!? Never mind that staying focused meant that once I get off the meds it's all about peeing. Lol. I couldn't see it.  

Instead I got sadmad. Which isn't logical and not like me but my body is rebelling and I can't stay up late and woeeeeee!!! 

I've got a plethora of first world problems which is a nice way to tell myself stfu and get it together. 

You hear that me ? 

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