Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sprinting While Falling Apart

8:23 PM

2016 has meant a few things: 

- I'm losing weight 
- I'm doing more freelance work 
- I'm going to alllllll the concerts 
- my body is falling apart 

Ok so the last one isn't so cool. After the random back pain I also had pinched nerves and a diagnosis of carpal tunnel in both hands. Both. Because when I do something I do it fully. Unfortunately I also tend to be unfocused with eating while I'm not feeling well, but I'm getting much better at it. 

Besides falling apart with my oldness, I want to be more active. Specifically I want to run. Why ? I have no idea. Running is stupid. But I so want to do it. Last year I did a few 5ks mostly walking. I'd love to actually run them. With my own legs carrying my actual body. So I'm focusing on that. Provided my body stops falling apart long enough to build up some stamina. 

I totally look like that in my head. Just have to buckle down and make it a reality. 

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