Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Nature! - Bleh!

9:58 PM

Everyone that knows me knows that I don't like outside.  Outside is extra horrible.  There are bugs out there.  I can't control the wind or the humidity.  Oh, and don't get me started on the pollen.  Ugh.  I only like it outside when I can have a nice lunch at about 75 degrees with just enough wind to move the air without making my hair sad.

Of course, this means I have a child who thinks outside is the best thing ever.  Ever in the history of ever.  Luckily, we have a pretty large yard and she's able to be freeeeeeee.... until too many bugs touch us.  Then it's time to go.

We have two small evergreen trees in the back.  One is doing okay, one is looking a bit dry since the slope of the yard helps the other one.  We've had birds' nests in both in years' past.  So Ladybug and I started checking them out.  The non dry tree has an awesome nest.  But no birds.  The dry tree... four beautiful robin eggs!!!

Ladybug was so excited, she had to tell Zahra aka "Dog dog".  Z wanted no part.  None.

A couple of weeks later we had babies!  I should name them.  Let's name them Logan, Xavier, Jean and Ororo.
It's all good right?  Nature and the circle of life and all of that?  Well.  You see.  There's a downside to our front seat to birdapalooza.  The robins are pretty sure they own the place.   Last time I checked, the robins hadn't contributed anything to the mortgage so they need to go have a seat.  A nice quiet poop free seat.

One would think my ferocious attack dog would be all over that.  Patrolling the yard, showing those birds who is boss.

Zahra is the least possible help.  At least I have back up.

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  1. Oh those baby birds are so precious!! I'm mad you got LadyBug scaring the birdies away :-)

    1. She really thinks it's her job too! "I want to scare the birds..." LOL


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