Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 1 overview

1:05 PM

Tomorrow morning I officially weigh in for the first week of getting my life together. I started off super strong and then relaxed a bit. Staying focused is going to be so important in this journey.

Yesterday my husband made my favorite chicken wings. He smokes them then flash fries them. THE BEST chicken wings ever. I exercised some self control which is way better than normal. 

I can honestly say I didn't exercise. Oops. Well not anything with talking about. I do, however, have a personal trainer. She's 2, but she's tough 

Stand up mommy
Now jump 
Fall on the floor! 
Roll around !!! 
Run!!!!! Run faster!!!

Admittedly, it's working. She gets me off the couch and outside. And she's the best motivator. 

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  1. Working out is tough for moms but playing/running around with the kiddos always counts!

    1. Yes! It does count, and I have to do better at making the time! Thanks for stopping by!


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