Wednesday, May 28, 2014


10:32 PM

Yesterday was supposed to be day three of my C25K.  But it rained.  A lot of rain.  I told myself that I'd do it today.  I'd have to get up at 5 am to do it before work and that just wasn't happening.  I came home, fed Ladybug and changed into my work out clothes, looked out the window and said, oh crap it's gonna rain.
Kind of like this, obviously not my house.
I went on about my business doing fun things like reading "Pizza Cat" (aka Pete The Cat) with Ladybug.  I don't know that it actually rained.  I didn't hear any, and I kind of feel bad about that because I didn't intend to flake.  So I guess I'm getting up at 5am.  

Speaking of Pete The Cat, I'm pretty sure adults should have to read children's books.  In many ways, they're wasted on kids.  Kids don't have real adversity, or at least they shouldn't.   Pete the cat had a coat with buttons that was his favorite.  One by one they popped off.  But Pete wasn't sad.  He was happy because he still has a belly button.

A week or so ago, one of the buttons popped off of my favorite sweater.  Mostly because my boobs refused to be contained.  I was sad, but obviously I shouldn't have been, because I still have my cavernous belly button.

Yesterday, I went swimsuit shopping, Ladybug and I start lessons next week.  I also forced myself to buy a few warm weather things because wearing a sweater in 90 degree weather is just asking for heat stroke.  I have enough issues thank you very much.

I tried on a couple of things that I knew wouldn't fit just because I was dreading shopping in fat people land.  You know, where the grannies shop. In fact, someone's granny walked past me as I was circling the perimeter of the land of the wide hips. I got a few things, a couple of pairs of work capris and a couple of tops.  And got a bunch of compliments on my chunky granny wear today.  As much as I hate to admit it, wearing something in the right size is much more comfortable that starving part of my body of blood and oxygen.  But, that discomfort is motivation.

Team no more fat.  Or no more horrifying swimsuit experiences when your toddler sings about boobs loudly in the fitting room.  I guess she was inspired.

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  1. Swimming lessons should be fun! Shopping for swimsuits - not so much. I feel ya! lol HAHA! A boobie song! Toddlers do the darnest things and they seem to want to let everybody know it.


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