Monday, May 19, 2014

In the beginning

9:53 PM

For Christmas (yes, I know it was 6 months ago) one of my favorite people in the whole wide world made me and my daughter matching aprons.  Totally the best thing ever.  I was so happy, I was going to send her a pic of us wearing them.

When I saw this photo I was horrified.  Hor-ri-fied!!!!!!  Sure it's a bad angle (photographs should be taken from slightly above, this is from below) but that doesn't account for how wide I am.  I never sent it.  Instead, I sent one of the baby solo.

The me I see in the mirror doesn't match what's shown above.  I obviously think a little too highly of myself because me in the mirror is at least 30 pounds lighter.  I said I was getting my life together.  I was going to lose 50 pounds before my birthday.  And I did right for a couple of days and then went right back to eating my feelings.  My feelings are bad and they must be punished with food.

I restarted in February.  Same pep talk, this time with photographic evidence of my scale bending weight

Same thing.  I did right for a couple of weeks max, then went back to self medicating.  In fact, I was super happy when I found a lunch spot with a giant slice of pizza and a pop for less than $4.  That wasn't a good thing.

A month or so ago, the husband and I went to a wedding.  We had a nice time, I even wore a dress.  And then we stood really far apart when we embraced because of the 9 months of fat I am close to delivering.

This is the beginning of my weight loss journey.  I deserve better than this.  So does my family.  It's time for me to do better.

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  1. Awwww! You guys look so cute! Both sets of "you guys"! :)

    You've GOT this. One meal at a time.

  2. I meal at a time and prioritize yourself as much as you can. Find something you love to do. I'm feeling that blue dress with the cardigan know I love a good cardigan...

    1. I seriously have that cardigan in another print and a color. I'm so bad at buying the same thing in multiple colors. I need Stacy & Clinton in my life. LOL

  3. I feel the same way! I hate how wide I have gotten and the constant starting and stopping of my weight loss journey. Keep pushing sister. We are in this together.

    1. I'm glad we're on the journey together! We can do this!


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