Friday, May 23, 2014

C25k - Day One

9:22 AM

I was on it. Since I've given up the ghost on my shoe size, I knew I had to have new running shoes. That and the fact that whenever I tried to run before I would get the worst cramps in my feet. I tried to figure out what the best kind of shoe was for me. But after seeing prices online I decided to find comfortable and cheap. Luckily my thrifty ways got me $80 Nikes for $35

Who ever would've thought I would've bought pink shoes? 

Today begins a 5 day weekend for me, I slept in (til 7!!!!!) then went about finding the duct tape for my boobs. 

Today's work out:
- 5 minute walk 
- 1 min run / 90 sec walk (times 6)
- 5 minute walk 

A few things. I need to organize my playlist because trying to *werk* to Ave Maria and At Last is not what's up. But Partition?!?!? Whhooooooo Lawd. I ran when it wasn't time to run when that was on. 

Day one complete. I didn't run all of the time I was supposed to partially due to the flames erupting from my legs. But not bad for the first day of trying to move allllllllllll of this. 

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