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SCANDAL!!!! I Have Questions

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For Scandal season 2 I wrote recaps for every episode for a fan site.  I posted quite frequently here too.  Season 3, no posts here, no recaps, but a bunch of miscellaneous Facebook posts. It's not that I wasn't enthused, I just didn't have that kind of time.

That all being said...

If you aren't current on Scandal STOP READING HERE! Unless you don't mind spoilers, then keep right on going.

At the end of season 2, Liv decided to take back her life.  She put her white hat back on, she was going to move forward without Fitz. Aaaaaaaannnnnnddddd then the press hears that Liv was the president's mistress and her world crashed.

Season 3 is the aftermath of the world finding out that she and Fitz were bumping uglies.  It's not a pretty picture for Liv.  Her clients bail right and left, her business is in shambles and the White House and her gladiators are actively framing someone else. During Season 3, Liv finds out that her mom isn't really dead, that she's probably a terrorist and that everyone she loves is a murderer.  She's not dealing with all of this well.  And maybe no one would.  Instead of the Olivia that seems to be kicking ass now and taking names later, we have this weak, easily misled, vulnerable, naive character that I do not like.

Liv is back to working for the White House because she's not exactly in demand right now.  And she's back to sleeping with Fitz because apparently he has magical wang of awesomeness.  And her life is sucking. She's got a vendetta against super goon squad B6316, but doesn't really have a good reason as to why. Sure they've killed a bunch of people but they serve a purpose.

So here we stand:

  • Fitz is still being Fitz.  Big on game, low on substance.  Super low.  In fact, he pretty much ruins everyone that loves him.  Mellie, Liv, those kids, miscellaneous staffers, that one press secretary that caught one of his bullets.  He's a life ruiner.  
  • Huck is trying really hard.  He kind of loves Quinn even though their "love" scenes are kind of gross.  He wants to kill everyone but he's mostly held it together.  He was able to hack and bring down the super goon squad in about 37 minutes, I'm sure he could've figured out a way to do it sooner. 
  • Rowan/Earl/Daddy Pope has the best monologues in the history of ever.  He's like Shakespeare. He's playing Liv for a fool though. I respect his hustle. 
  • Momma Pope has a bad weave and a misshaped head, unfortunately I can not get past this. I'm sure she is super awesome and an ultimate killer and WU TANG and all that, but can she not find oil sheen? I can't support someone who has weave that is that dry.  Sorry. 
  • Jake is an ultimate killer and has exponentially increased in hotness since he stopped acting like a punk.  Yes this means I need therapy.  I'm accepting donations. 
  • Harrison got some this season which is a step up from nowhere. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets killed off in light of all of his personal issues. I wouldn't miss him. 
Questions I have: 

  • Who ordered the hit on Fitz? We know Adnan is working for someone and she hired Momma Pope. Considering she with the dry tracks had only been out of the pokey for like 13 minutes I'm not sure how that works but whatever.  I'm thinking Earl/Rowan/DP has orchestrated everything. 
  • What is it going to take for Mellie to tell Fitz about hes brother/son "Bro-son".  Now that would be good tv. 
  • Who has a master wang that can push up on Liv so she can get over Fitz?  
  • Who did Jake swear in a couple of episodes ago?  I hope it's someone we never would've thought of, like Fitz's poor secretary. 
Only two episodes left.  Hopefully regular Liv is back for season 4. 

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  1. This is my show! Whatever in the house that isn't done by 10 won't get done until the next morning... or the next day. God bless Shonda Rhimes. Olivia needs to ditch Fitz. They are getting on my last half a nerve. Umm...Huck and Baby Huck. No words - Just lots and lots of scrunched up faces. Daddy Pope is bbaaadddd!!!! Momma Pope's weave, you're hilarious! I can't wait for Mellie to blow the lid off. I've been waiting on it for three weeks. Come on with it already!


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