Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Disney Issues

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I've got issues with Walt Disney.  Well, not as a person.  Well, not anymore.

For the longest time I though Walt Disney had a million mother issues.  After all, all of his movies killed off the mother, sometimes both parents.  Snow White - had no mommy.  Ariel - Don't remember a mommy. Bambi - mother burnt to a crisp. Mowgli - No parents.  Then, I learned that Walt Disney's movies weren't his original ideas and were adaptations of other stories.  In fact, they were often softened.  Ok, my bad Walt.  

My problem with Disney movies is that they make me cry.  Cry.  Not that kind of cute one tear cry either.  Like weep.  I'm not driven by emotion but I seem to have gotten more than my fair dose of empathy.  

For example, when I saw Nemo for the first time I was devastated in the first 10 minutes.  Poor Marlin, thought he had a wife and a family around the bend.  Then NOPE.  Life kicked him in the teeth and robbed him of all of his happiness, except for one egg.  TRAGIC! 

Ladybug loves story time.  It's her favorite thing ever.  Sometimes she reads the books (my favorite thing ever), sometimes I do.  She picks out her books for the night.  Last night, she selected her books including this one. 

No big deal right?  Even though that 5 minute thing is a blatant lie, just like Rachel Ray and her 30 minute meals.  Liars.  

On page one, Ladybug has a question.  "Where's Nemo's Mommy?"  I have an internal flashback of what happened to Nemo's Mommy and immediately want to hold Nemo's daddy.  Oh the horror of it all.  


Ladybug was fine with that answer. Who knew the tough questions started so soon. 

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  1. Now I feel like I need to go watch that movie again....i don't remember anything about it. I'm trying to think of my favorite Disney movie...Anastasia is definitely a favorite. I'm really bummed about the Rachel Ray reference...I really wanted to get one of her cookbooks so I could make 30 minute meals!

  2. The meals are good. But 30 minutes is pushing it. 45 - 55 minute meals are more like it. :-)

  3. I forgot about this post!

    Poor children. Poor, poor children.

    Rachel is a lie. Her meals always takes an hour. Always. You can maybe "cook" it in 30 minutes if your tournant or commis chef does the advance work.

    (blame Doug for me knowing like 18 different titles of chefs...)


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