Monday, December 30, 2013

So D. Wade's Baby Affects You How?

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Ugh.  I hate the interwebs.  

The problem with the internet is that people get really bold.  People love to talk about this and that and other other thing, and what they would and would not deal with, and how awesome everything is in their world and how they poop rainbows and nothing bad has ever happened to them and they're single because they are too awesome for a relationship and blabbity blabbity.

And it is all so easy because from the comfort of your home/car/bathroom stall you can be as big and bad as you want to be.  No one is there to tell you to STFU, or to call you on your bs or point out all of the ways your life sucks.

In today's episode of "OMG I would never!!!!" it became public knowledge today that D Wade has a baby boy with some chick other than the lady that became his fiance a week or so ago. According to news report it happened when he and Gabrielle Union were on a break.   And even if it didn't. So what.  So the F what.

One day, when I get tired of my abusive relationship with food I'm going to have this body with way more boobs. Way.

I can't claim to be a Gabby Union fan.  Mostly because her face does too much all of the time.  She has at least 8 times the number of facial muscles as regular people.  And she always plays the same character.  But what she chooses to do in her relationship is her business.  They've worked it out, they're happy, ok so be it.

The internet people are not okay with it. Comments have reached levels previously reserved for describing why Beyonce is slowly eating souls.  People are starting fights and damning all men and women and swearing up and down what they will and won't stand for.

Here's the thing.  You don't know what you will and won't deal with until you're in the situation.  You don't know theirs.  Relationships take work and have tons of ups and downs.  And while some issues are universally not ok (like how Ike did Tina), other people decide the terms of their own relationship.

How D. Wade and Gabrielle Union choose to handle their relationship and this child is up to them.  And only them.  Tomorrow you will wake up to the same life you had yesterday. Despite the 45 minute argument you had with I_Hate_DWADE on Facebook today. 

In the words of this awesome toddler, worry about you self.

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  1. I hate that because of what they do all their business is just automatically out there in the public domain for people to pick apart and judge. We all make mistakes. Ha! I love that toddler video. That chick has a lot of balls..


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