Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Traditions

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It's been said that you haven't really seen Christmas until you do so through a child's eyes.  I think there needs to be an asterisk that specifies said child must itty bitty and awesome.

This is the first year that Ladybug understands Christmas.  Well, she understands that there are awesome lights and presents.  And she loves everything.  Every present she opened was followed by the most sincere WOOWWWWWW ever.  She loves everything and is thankful for everything.  I wish I could bottle that sentiment.  Maybe pull it out when she's 16 or 22.

She thinks Christmas lights are awesome. And I don't mean epic light display of awesomeness.

I mean lights

"Wow... Oh my goodness... Look!! Lights"

Since she actually understands what's going on now, I started to think of Christmas traditions that we could do as a family.  When I was little there were a few years where we made our own Christmas ornaments, which I figured was a good place to start.  I hit Hobby Lobby and improvised because if you wait until December 23rd there are slim pickings.

On Christmas Eve a good friend came by and she, I, Jethro and Ladybug created our masterpieces.

The plan is to do these every Christmas Eve.

The other Christmas Eve tradition I blatantly stole borrowed from a lady I used to work with.  Every Christmas Eve her kids get to open one gift.  And every year that gift is Christmas pajamas.  They get an early present and are all ready for Christmas pictures in the morning.
I can't wait to add even more things that will be uniquely ours.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? What is special to your family?

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  1. Awwwwww! So fun!

    Our teen tradition is pizza, s'mores and a Christmas Story. When they were little is was baking cookies for Santa and making "reindeer food", plus making popcorn garland which is yummy AND fun.

    1. Popcorn garland sounds fun - and baking cookies. mmmmm cookies


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