Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Wrap Up

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I'm not a member of the "New Year New Me" committee.  Truth is, the only thing that's different between you at 11:59:59 on 12/31 and 12:00:01 on 1/1 is two seconds.  Although years are great periods of time to be able to reflect on, changing the calendar doesn't change you.  You have to change you.  That being said...

2013 was a great year.  No, things aren't all rainbows and unicorns but we're ok.  I'm thankful for my family and friends.  I got a new job and a new side hustle this year.  My mystery symptoms from over the summer have all but disappeared, I think the cardio nurse was right, I had a wicked case of "life happens." Treatment?  R-E-L-A-X!!!

I learned to give myself a bit of a break and to relax.  Or "relax" if you know me for real.   I completely and utterly failed at losing weight this year.  In fact, I'm 20 pounds heavier than I was Jan 1st.  If I keep it real with myself, when I get stressed I eat.  And I've made absolutely no time for exercise.  Exercise makes me sad.  I don't have time for sadness. 
My current situation... If you make this wayyyyyyyyy bigger

While I'd love to say Jan 1st I'm going to do better that's a lie.  A giant lie.  Partly because Monday is nacho day in the cafeteria (priorities may be a bit janky) partly because I know that's a set up for failure.  But I know I have to do better.  I'm down to only a few pairs of pants fitting and my draws almost cut off my circulation the other day and this might be rock bottom, if rock bottom gets excited about nachos that are six days away. 

I'm a better person today than I was on Jan 1, 2013.  I got even better at leaning on my friends and understanding what friendship really means. I can ask for HEWP!!! when needed. I have an awesome family.  I can almost identify when I'm stressing out and deal with the issue (almost). 

I'm looking forward to 2014, 2013 was a great year - but it's just the beginning.  

I'm going to partay tonight (aka drink one drink and start feeling "different") and see if Beyonce's onto anything with this whole drunk in love business.

Until next year

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  1. I used to get really excited about cheese grits day in the Spelman cafeteria...and fish fry Fridays....sigh...i so know how that feels. I have faith that you'll do better this year!

  2. I've got to do better. Or start wearing sheets, so we'll go with do better. LOL


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