Sunday, November 10, 2013

Growing Up Babies

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When you first have a baby, they need you for everything.  Mommy is the whole world.  ESPECIALLY if you're breast feeding.  (Not a knock on formula feeding).  No one else has the boobs, so no one else will do.  They are comforted by your touch, your smell, your body warmth, the way you breathe, the sound of your voice you are all they need.

The tricky thing about this whole parenting deal is the very milestones you're looking forward to are the beginning of growing them up to leaving you.  Sitting up, talking, walking, eating solid foods, following directions, all of these things are important to life away from you and your magical boobs of awesomeness.

In less than three weeks Ladybug will be two.  We're already seeing the telltale signs of 2 including:

  • Use of the word "No" in every possible situation. 
  • Never wanting to leave anywhere ever
  • Needing to do it herself aka "Ladybug do it" 
  • The use of stall tactics to delay bedtime including "no daddy kisses" (Kisses happen right before bed as a part of our routine) and 53,215 bathroom trips. 
  • Very clear requests for every meal, most of which are "daddy cereal" also known as Froot Loops. 
  • The most possible emotions.  It's like she's a hormonal teenager without the hormones or the teen part. 
She's also the funniest little person in the universe.  I told her a few weeks ago she looked like Michael Jackson and since then she's been obsessed.  She rocked out to 'Remember the Time' like no body's business and kept asking for "more" (while doing the sign for more, she's serious about her more).  She knows how to tickle and give zerbers.  She's declared that contrary to my belief, she does not have the Heebee Jeebees.

Even though I'm sure I'll blink and she'll have her doctorate, I'm enjoying "almost two."  Well except for the meltdown for no good reason part.  That's the exact opposite of fun. 

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  1. I laughed at everything mentioned in this post. Caleb is two and is definitely at the "I do it" stage and it takes us an extra 30 minutes to do anything. Acting like a hormonal teenager, umm yeah!


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