Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TLC Movie aka Silky Smooth Awesomeness

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Last night was the premiere of the TLC story.  I think it's hard to capture years of people's lives in a movie that is a few hours long.  That being said, the film did a good job of hitting the major points of their lives during TLC's rise to the top.  So here are my thoughts:

Mr. Dalvin

A lot of people had issues with whomever they cast to play Mr. Dalvin.  I couldn't tell you who played him, only that he didn't look like Dalvin from way back in the day.  But.  Have you seen Mr. Dalvin lately?  Time has not been his friend.  He fell off a stage not that long ago, and not in a good way (although I'm not sure what a good way to fall off the stage would be). So maybe his casting was more of a back to the future type of deal?

Dallas Austin
I liked Dallas back in the day.  And if I remember correctly, he was G.A. from ABC's brother.  Evan Ross wasn't the best choice because although he's like 25, he looks like he should be 7 or at most 8.  8 year olds are not hot.  There's no way She Who Has the Best Hair Ever would've been all sprung on a dude who is in the 3rd grade.

My mom drives a RAV-4.  RAV-4s are good, reliable vehicles.  They are made by Toyota so naturally they are good for longevity.  As much as Kanye makes me tired, even he knows what's up "What you think I rap for to drive a BLEEP Rav-4?"  No.  You shouldn't rap for a Rav-4.  If you're bringing in millions of dollars you should at least be able to get a shiny non Nana car. 

Silky Smooth Awesomeness
I know you're not supposed to covet things.  But.  Chili has the best hair ever in the history of hair.  Oh how I covet her curls.  They always seem to do right.  And then she straightens it and it's even awesomer.  They get a C- for duplicating her awesome hair.  It was evident what they were trying to do but it didn't ever quite happen.  Like they were missing unicorn tears and rainbow dust when they were using styling products or something.
Best hair ever!!!!!!! (on the right, LOL)

Overall, it was a good telling of their story.  Just enough drama.  Pebbles is apparently all in a tizzy for how she was portrayed, but to be honest other than showing how the business side of music really works, she didn't come accross as evil.  She'll be alright. 

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