Friday, October 4, 2013

Social Media Personas

10:17 PM

Everyone is on social media.  Like it or not, what you put on social media creates its own persona.  If you post a bunch of statuses about how you are in the club, about to drink, going to party, etc, people are going to assume certain things about your life.   If you make a thousand posts about your romantic life, or lack thereof, or about your epic relationship drama, guess what, that's what people know about you. 

We don't know the truth about your life, all we know is what you choose to put out there.  And you're getting judged on it.  No one likes to be judged, people swear to say "you don't know me" but we do.  We know social media you:

- Social media you that complains that you have no money followed by gallon sized dranks.

- Social media you that puts every detail about your relationship woes out there for everyone to judge, but then wonders why people think you are loose

- Social media you that WrITes LIKe thIS and makes everyone tired

- Social media you that generously provides marriage advice but you've never been married

So before yelling "DON'T JUDGE ME!!!" maybe you should evaluate who you are allowing Social media you to be.

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  1. know the worst comments come from my extended family members talking about who they're not talking to and making vague comments directed at specific people....I'm purely a lurker on social media these days. I don't want to add to the mess.


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