Monday, October 14, 2013

New Beginnings

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I don't talk about "professional me" a lot here.  And that's intentional for many reasons. 

I've been with my current company for 7 years.  And to be honest, it was probably time for me to move on years ago.  But I didn't.  I told myself it was important to be able to take FMLA and stay home with my not-yet-conceived baby, which would mean that I'd have to be with a company for at least a year.  It seems the universe had a bit of fun with that one. 

Fast forward, I began to look for a new job nearly a year ago.  I had a few goals:

  • Closer to home
  • Room to grow 
Not a long list.  And I lucked up on a job posting that was only 15 minutes away.  Compared to my hour+ drive now, it was the best place on Earth. I made it to the final two.  But not that one that mattered.  I called for feedback, and there was none, I was awesome.  Just not awesome enough.  Bummer. 

Then a place where I could tell my manager and I were not a good fit, the position wasn't a good fit.  Everything about it was wrong.  No biggie, just not for me.

Then (lol yes another then) a place that seemed like a great match.  Company was very socially involved, long term employees, I seemed to mesh well with the team.  The hiring manager was walking out at the same time as me and told me to expect to hear from them soon.  The recruiter was practically inviting me to dinner.  And then apparently they were sucked into a black hole or something because there wasn't a peep for nearly a month, followed by a "we didn't pick you" email. 

I still looked kind of passively, but had decided I wasn't burning anymore PTO days on interviewing. PTO days should be full of fun!!!  

As a family, we prayed on it.

And then opportunity knocked.  And to be honest, I almost didn't answer.  You see, this opportunity didn't meet all of my listed criteria.  Yes, I know I only had two.  It was a giant fail on number one.  GIANT FAIL.  I started talking myself out of it.  I had 537 excuses.  I sent a text to a friend, she told me to get it together and to at least TRY.  I saw the job description and it was awesome and everything I was looking for, and then I made more excuses.  And she kept being positive because she's awesome. 

Tomorrow is my last day with my current company.  I'm grateful for my experience and I'll miss some aspects of it.  I start my new job on the 21st

But better things are on the horizon.  I'm growing professionally and will need to manage that while being wife and mom.  I'm starting anew, people don't know how awesome I am yet, I have to earn it.  I'm ready and thankful for the challenge and the blessings. 

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