Friday, October 25, 2013

Fifty Random Facts About Bek

A few of my blogger friends started it, and although I tried to fight it, I've got the bug.  And I also have 24 minutes of quiet because Ladybug is having daddytime and I'm not invited.  Daddy time is awesome.  Yay daddy time!!!

So here we go, 50 random things about me.

  1. I love "random", random posts, random number generator, random topics of conversation, random is my favorite. 
  2. I do math in my head all the time.  If someone lists numbers, or talks about numbers I can't help but to try to solve them in my head.  In fact, I can't stop until I figure it out.  It's not uncommon for me to come up with an answer, but to have a difficult time explaining how I got to it.  It just kind of happens.
  3. I'm addicted to my phone.  I probably need a 12 step or a patch or something.  I can't keep my hands off of it.  
  4. I hate phone calls.  When my phone rings I kind of want to punch it.  There are a few exceptions to this rule, but mostly, please send me a text.  Or 52 texts. 
  5. I hate when people fake laugh.  A chuckle is okay, but an all out fake laugh is stupid.  Don't do that.  
  6. I'd pay money for a good scalp massage. 
  7. I retain water when I eat salty foods, mostly in my belly but in my legs too.  Whenever I eat Buffalo Wild Wings I can count on being 4 or 5 pounds heavier the next day.  
  8. I think Doc McStuffins has really good life lessons.  She says you're supposed to stop eating when you're full.  I'm still working on that.  
  9. My favorite movie of all time is Sliding Doors.  Most people have no idea what it is.  Google it, Netflix it.  It's about how something seemingly insignificant can have a huge impact on your life.  
  10. Since getting the job ghostwriting for the infertility center I have been uninspired to write anything else.  Screw your HVAC articles.  
  11. I'm highly addicted to Candy Crush.  
  12. I love buying towels and sheets and housewares. 
  13. I could rotate eating spaghetti, pizza, nachos and hot wings and the occasional vegetable and be just fine with that. 
  14. I really enjoy knock off pop, especially knock of Dr. Pepper.  Dr. Wow, Dr. Skipper, Dr. Rocket are my favorites.  
  15. I don't do my laundry until I'm out of clean draws.  Yes, draws. 
  16. I haven't had a relaxer since 2000 or so, mainly because every time I got one I'd get burns.  I'd rather deal with the frizz.  
  17. I'm still mad at someone I went to high school with for not being who they portrayed them self to be.  Yes, that was intentionally vague. 
  18. My favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla. 
  19. I love rainy days when I'm not in the car
  20. I've had really good relationships with all of my bosses. 
  21. I'm very selective about who I let into my inner circle. 
  22. When I'm stressed I eat everything.  Sometimes I figure out that I'm stressed when I notice that I'm turning into a human vacuum. 
  23. I'm not in touch with my feelings at all.  
  24. I would love to go to Vegas for the weekend to see a show, play Keno and stuff my face. 
  25. I'm a mutant and my hair and nails grow super fast. 
  26. I'm a hairy monster and if I didn't try to do better my hairline would start about mid neck
  27. Even though I don't like "feelings" I'm super empathetic.  I get teary when I see other people have big emotional moments. 
  28. I think Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious. 
  29. I have pizza for dinner virtually every Friday.  
  30. I enjoy vacuuming but hate mopping. 
  31. I do not like seafood, Ew. 
  32. I'd love to have a burrito sized Meximelt from Taco Bell 
  33. Target is my favorite store, I can walk around Target for hours. 
  34. Walmart is a sad scary place, I get in and out of there as fast as possible. 
  35. I have 4 crockpots, and I got super excited when I saw a combination crockpot thing on sale last week.  Maybe I should cook something. 
  36. I have two Masters degrees.  
  37. I don't like the "club", I'm anti loud and lots of people.  I'd rather read a book. 
  38. I want to do karaoke again 
  39. I make really good spaghetti and therefore have high spaghetti expectations.  When people have spaghetti fails I get sad.  
  40. I love to write but I suck at word games like Scrabble
  41. When I get bored my brain goes into "sleep mode" and I get instantly sleepy. 
  42. I have the most awesomest parents ever. 
  43. I had keloids on the back of both of my ears for nearly twenty years.  Everyone told me they couldn't remove them.  When I saw my current dermatologist she cut them off the first visit.  Bam, just like that. 
  44. I have seborrheic dermatitis, my skin, particularly my scalp and hairline, scales over and then flakes off making for dandruff.  It seems to crop up from nowhere.  I should make an appt to see the derm for medicine. 
  45. I get really bad migraines 5 or 6 times a year.  They last for days and I don't feel any relief until I throw up.  Unfortunately, I had one my first two days at my new job and got sick while at lunch with my team.  Luckily I know the signs so no one was the wiser.  
  46. If I don't KNOW you I'm probably not going to eat your food. 
  47. I've never had a cavity. 
  48. I believe in stranger danger. 
  49. I don't like scary movies.  I'll take a comedy any day. 
  50. Ladybug is nearly 2 and I still have phantom kicks aka gas.  I'm overly aware of my innards. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TLC Movie aka Silky Smooth Awesomeness

Last night was the premiere of the TLC story.  I think it's hard to capture years of people's lives in a movie that is a few hours long.  That being said, the film did a good job of hitting the major points of their lives during TLC's rise to the top.  So here are my thoughts:

Mr. Dalvin

A lot of people had issues with whomever they cast to play Mr. Dalvin.  I couldn't tell you who played him, only that he didn't look like Dalvin from way back in the day.  But.  Have you seen Mr. Dalvin lately?  Time has not been his friend.  He fell off a stage not that long ago, and not in a good way (although I'm not sure what a good way to fall off the stage would be). So maybe his casting was more of a back to the future type of deal?

Dallas Austin
I liked Dallas back in the day.  And if I remember correctly, he was G.A. from ABC's brother.  Evan Ross wasn't the best choice because although he's like 25, he looks like he should be 7 or at most 8.  8 year olds are not hot.  There's no way She Who Has the Best Hair Ever would've been all sprung on a dude who is in the 3rd grade.

My mom drives a RAV-4.  RAV-4s are good, reliable vehicles.  They are made by Toyota so naturally they are good for longevity.  As much as Kanye makes me tired, even he knows what's up "What you think I rap for to drive a BLEEP Rav-4?"  No.  You shouldn't rap for a Rav-4.  If you're bringing in millions of dollars you should at least be able to get a shiny non Nana car. 

Silky Smooth Awesomeness
I know you're not supposed to covet things.  But.  Chili has the best hair ever in the history of hair.  Oh how I covet her curls.  They always seem to do right.  And then she straightens it and it's even awesomer.  They get a C- for duplicating her awesome hair.  It was evident what they were trying to do but it didn't ever quite happen.  Like they were missing unicorn tears and rainbow dust when they were using styling products or something.
Best hair ever!!!!!!! (on the right, LOL)

Overall, it was a good telling of their story.  Just enough drama.  Pebbles is apparently all in a tizzy for how she was portrayed, but to be honest other than showing how the business side of music really works, she didn't come accross as evil.  She'll be alright. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

New Beginnings

I don't talk about "professional me" a lot here.  And that's intentional for many reasons. 

I've been with my current company for 7 years.  And to be honest, it was probably time for me to move on years ago.  But I didn't.  I told myself it was important to be able to take FMLA and stay home with my not-yet-conceived baby, which would mean that I'd have to be with a company for at least a year.  It seems the universe had a bit of fun with that one. 

Fast forward, I began to look for a new job nearly a year ago.  I had a few goals:

  • Closer to home
  • Room to grow 
Not a long list.  And I lucked up on a job posting that was only 15 minutes away.  Compared to my hour+ drive now, it was the best place on Earth. I made it to the final two.  But not that one that mattered.  I called for feedback, and there was none, I was awesome.  Just not awesome enough.  Bummer. 

Then a place where I could tell my manager and I were not a good fit, the position wasn't a good fit.  Everything about it was wrong.  No biggie, just not for me.

Then (lol yes another then) a place that seemed like a great match.  Company was very socially involved, long term employees, I seemed to mesh well with the team.  The hiring manager was walking out at the same time as me and told me to expect to hear from them soon.  The recruiter was practically inviting me to dinner.  And then apparently they were sucked into a black hole or something because there wasn't a peep for nearly a month, followed by a "we didn't pick you" email. 

I still looked kind of passively, but had decided I wasn't burning anymore PTO days on interviewing. PTO days should be full of fun!!!  

As a family, we prayed on it.

And then opportunity knocked.  And to be honest, I almost didn't answer.  You see, this opportunity didn't meet all of my listed criteria.  Yes, I know I only had two.  It was a giant fail on number one.  GIANT FAIL.  I started talking myself out of it.  I had 537 excuses.  I sent a text to a friend, she told me to get it together and to at least TRY.  I saw the job description and it was awesome and everything I was looking for, and then I made more excuses.  And she kept being positive because she's awesome. 

Tomorrow is my last day with my current company.  I'm grateful for my experience and I'll miss some aspects of it.  I start my new job on the 21st

But better things are on the horizon.  I'm growing professionally and will need to manage that while being wife and mom.  I'm starting anew, people don't know how awesome I am yet, I have to earn it.  I'm ready and thankful for the challenge and the blessings. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Social Media Personas

Everyone is on social media.  Like it or not, what you put on social media creates its own persona.  If you post a bunch of statuses about how you are in the club, about to drink, going to party, etc, people are going to assume certain things about your life.   If you make a thousand posts about your romantic life, or lack thereof, or about your epic relationship drama, guess what, that's what people know about you. 

We don't know the truth about your life, all we know is what you choose to put out there.  And you're getting judged on it.  No one likes to be judged, people swear to say "you don't know me" but we do.  We know social media you:

- Social media you that complains that you have no money followed by gallon sized dranks.

- Social media you that puts every detail about your relationship woes out there for everyone to judge, but then wonders why people think you are loose

- Social media you that WrITes LIKe thIS and makes everyone tired

- Social media you that generously provides marriage advice but you've never been married

So before yelling "DON'T JUDGE ME!!!" maybe you should evaluate who you are allowing Social media you to be.

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