Monday, September 30, 2013

When City Meets Country

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I love Jethro and, Jethro loves me.  We are definitely an "opposites attracts" couple:

  • I like quiet, he likes noise
  • I like books, he likes not-books lol 
  • He likes to "go out", I like the couch
  • He is friendly and outgoing, I like 4 sometimes 5 people
  • He enjoys end of the world type movies, I'd stick to comedies
 Typical, right?  Well, there's one other thing.  I'm a city girl (or was) Jethro is a country boy.

Jethro was raised in the corn.  Yes, corn.  I grew up on Chicago's south side.  For our first few years of cohabitation, we were in a 1 bedroom apartment and a 1 bedroom condo.  And maybe that's why I didn't notice his country tendencies until we got the house in the country.  What, exactly, are country tendencies?


I never talk to strangers.  I'll be cordial and smile and maybe a few moments of small talk in a store, and I'll chat with a neighbor, but that's it!  If you are a stranger and you come to my door, you will be out there. The dog may give you the consideration of a "Who is ringing the bell" bark and that's 452 times better than you'd get from me.

Jethro talks to strangers and likes it!  Selling something door to door?  Jethro will talk to you and be your friend, while I am stashing kitchen knives in my clothes in case something goes down.  A few years ago we started getting visits from a random lady who I'll refer to as Althea.  Althea was walking around in the fall, wearing 152 layers and selling designer imposter's perfume.  Jethro let her in, because of course he did.  That's what country people do.  I'm pretty sure Althea demanded a cookie, and she got one.   Jethro brought some stuff and Althea went on her way.  The ENTIRE time I was plotting my escape and my self defense plan.  STRANGER IN MY HOUSE!!!! IN MY HOUSE!!! EATING MY DAMN COOKIE!

People sell all kinds of things out here.  Althea came back a few times (of course she did) and if I was here by myself she was SOL.  People sell meat (nope), fruit (nope), randomness (nope) and every time I'm all NO THANK YOU!!! And Jethro is all "Howdy traveler, come take a rest."

There's probably some good social ripple effect that comes out of it but...

The Blinds

Jethro enjoys things like fresh air and sunlight, which is craziness to me.  Why do we need fresh air? Why must the blinds be open?  Never open the blinds!  Someone will look in here!  So what we don't have neighbors next door?  That is not important.  I found myself today mad about closing the blinds. MAD!!!!

I realize that sounds crazy.  But.  We don't need any sunlight dude.  That's what lights are for.  Yes, that sounds crazy.  So?!?!? (While describing this post to Jethro, he asked me if I was Dracula, I replied yes, I am Dracula)

The Hood

When Jethro says "the hood" he doesn't mean it.  Well not like normal people mean it.  He literally means "neighborhood".  No!  That's not what it means. 

These boys were in the hood

Out here in the country, there are stars.  If you've always lived in the city, you've never seen stars like they exist in the country.  I'm always amazed by the night sky out here.  And Jethro chuckles because that's what the sky is supposed to look like.

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  1. I love opening my blinds!! not down with strangers in my house though....Jethro be acting crazy with that...doesn't he watch Criminal Minds!? LOL

    1. Just today the bathroom blinds were open and I almost melted into a puddle. LOL.

      Girl. Criminal Minds will have you sitting in your closet with multiple weapons because nothing is safe. LOL


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