Thursday, August 22, 2013

Twenty-Two - Feelings

9:31 PM

You know how people say that you should be in touch with your feelings?  I'm not one of those people.  I try to get my feelings to stay as far away from me as possible.  And when I have too many feelings I eat so that they have to bow down to the fullness.  Yes, character flaw.  I'm kind of, almost, not really working on it.  

This also means I have problems with other people's feelings.  Other people's feelings are at least eleventy times worse than my own feelings.  Whenever someone says "I just feel like..." I have to will myself not to roll my eyes and exhale loudly.

"I am sad" is okay, it's a statement of fact.

"I just feel like blabbity blabbity blah" not okay.

This may be one of the reasons I typically can't do reality shows.  Too many feelings too much mess.  But this R&B Divas LA has me hooked. 

(Random #1: Lil Mo's husband knows he likes tight shirts)

(Random #2: Michel'le must've gotten the "one free" when the Jacksons were getting their nose jobs)

This week's episode picks up after the Dawn / Lil Mo heated discussion.  I get the impression that Dawn has about fifty-leven issues.  It seems as though she's easily led and that a lot of her issues can be tracked to her picking the wrong person to follow.  She's also attended the Kelly Price School of Acting Brand New For No Good Reason. 

(Random #3: You know when the producers set this up they thought they'd give the Divas a task and tell the crazy one she was in charge.  Foolishness was sure to ensure. Kelly isn't even subtly crazy.  She's that kind of crazy that is kind of obvious)

Looking Crazy "You can't see me, I'm hiding in my sweater. It smells like kidneys"
Kelly is out (good riddance).  Dawn is out because one of the gnomes she looks to for advice told her to.  

The four other girls decide to talk to a therapist.  I don't know why, well I do know why, because the producers told them to.  But as soon as she entered the room and began talking I stopped listening.   She used the word story 4,251 times.  That's too many. 

(Random #4: Everyone had nice eyebrows, Chante's were a bit thin but still.)

Everyone talked about their feelings and how they were worried about everyone knowing the thing that they don't want anyone to know.  And when I actually listened to the words it wasn't so bad. 

The therapist lady did say something that was so true and impact people always talk about needing someone else to give them closure.  "I just want them to say they're sorry", "I feel like they owe me"... here's the thing you may never get that.  Are you going to waste away waiting for that or move on?  Move on!!!!

Lil Mo tries to talk to Kelly but then neither of them talked to each other, Kelly walked around looking crazy, everyone called their husband.  It was just weird. Lil Mo cried cause someone left her kids at the airport, Kelly looked more crazy than usual and nothing got resolved.

Turns out Kelly and The Gnome Lover did their own Monologues.  And according to the internet they suck.  (thanks Shawn for letting me know about this gem)

I couldn't watch the whole thing, I skipped around and there's some singing but I kept being distracted by the giant OPP coat that is the background.  Supposedly they only did it the one night and that's the end. 

The reunion show was taped already.  I totally would pay $22.50 to see the quartet perform, maybe they'll take their show on the road?

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  1. I have doubled over from laughing so hard! This post has given me so much life and I'm so here for you!

  2. I admit, I totally fell off with this show! But I am so glad that you wrote about it because now I don't have to feel obligated to! I can't believe they didn't even do the show! Wait, I take that back. I totally believe it.


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