Friday, August 23, 2013

Twenty-Three - Vacation!!!!

10:31 PM

As of 5:15 today, I'm on VACATION!!!! I don't go back until the day after Labor Day. 

Maybe that's why I'm in full ADD mode.  Oh look!!! Something shiny!!!

Next weekend we're going up to visit my favorite weirdo - toddler road trip.  That should be fun. Yep. Fun.

I hope to get some writing in.  I heard back from the fertility articles, they loved them, they think I'm awesome.  Good so far right?  Well of course there's a BUT

They want to pay me in gum, or the financial equivalent of it.  While it would be more fulfilling than writing about air conditioners, I can't pay bills with fulfillment.  I countered, we'll see what they say.  I hope they accept the counters and I can write all the words and we an all be happy.

Say some prayers!

That's it.  I'm off to write about changing batteries in your CO detectors.  Fun!  

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  1. Saying a prayer for you!! Doing the Vacation conga line dance!

    1. Prayer works! I got the gig, or at least they say I do, it's not real until it's real.


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