Monday, August 26, 2013

Twenty-Six - Whoops

10:51 PM

Whoops.  I almost made it through the 31 day challenge.  Almost.

Yesterday it just couldn't happen.  I had articles due and after that it was all I could do to not have my eyes cross.  Tonight I'm still fighting the sleep monster, but at least I'm not up against any deadlines.

Official vacation day one did not go as expected as ladybug has the heebee jeebees.  I told her she was doing vacation wrong, but she does whatever she wants, you know, since she's a toddler.  I knew something was up when she shunned applesauce.   I'm praying she's all back to normal in the morning.

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  1. mmmmmm. Sounds like she it following the tradition set: vacation.

  2. And our new Dragon speaking.


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