Saturday, August 24, 2013

Twenty-Four - Moments

11:26 PM

I almost forgot to post tonight. It's late and I'm pooped.

Today I took Ladybug to a local children's museum. It was the perfect size for my tiny person.  There was an archeology dig site, a medical area, an art area and a lot more. 

When we got there, there was only one other family, so we basically had our run of the place.  Slowly but surely the place started to fill up and I got to see Ladybug in a new light, playing with her peers. 

I went back to work when Ladybug was 11 weeks old.  At first she was in a home daycare with super sitter and she transferred into a school setting at 15 months. She's been around other kids basically her while life. The thing is I don't get to see her interact with them. I get reports on her daily but it's not the same. 

There's a whole lot of Bek in Ladybug. A. Whole. Lot. She's a bossy pants, and things have places and they should go in them. She loves books which is pretty awesome. 

We had a blast today. But was a reminder of how much I miss on a daily basis. And it also showcased how well rounded she's becoming. 

My goal for this week is to enjoy her and to live in the moments because she's growing up so fast. 

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  1. She's such a sweetheart. The time passes by so quickly. Can't wait to see her next week!

    Oh and you too!! :-p

    1. Oh you're not fooling me! That's okay, while you all love on Ladybug I'm going to do some special things like use the bathroom by myself and well.. that's all I've got so far.

  2. Great post! I cannot get over how much she looks like you!

    1. People keep saying that! I don't see it, which I used to think was crazy when people would say it.



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