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Three - Iyanla

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Everything about Iyanla 1.0 rubbed me the wrong way.  Ev. Ver. Re. Thing.  I felt as though she over simplified things at times, kiss a fairy and your life will be right.  Well I haven't seen any fairies lately. So that isn't a simple answer now is it?  And when she wasn't being overly simplistic, she was being abstract. 

"The results of an independent investigation of truth is the only incontrovertible proof that truth is eternal, consistent, dependable, and born of love"

What?  Seriously?  What?!?!  That there ^, doesn't say anything.  It says 0 things.  I'm sure someone is going to try and tell me, "Bek, what she was trying to say was..." Nope.  I don't believe you in advance. 

So I ignored her books, didn't watch the Oprah episodes with her, didn't watch any of her shows.  I can honestly say I gave her no thought, but did roll my eyes at her book when I saw it at my mom's house. 

Then she showed back up on Oprah and talked about her life and what happened and she had Oprah sang Cum Ba Yah and became buddies again and now Iyanla has a new show.  "Fix My Life". The title annoyed me alone and I decided I'd never watch it ever. 

I don't watch OWN usually.  In fact, I rarely have the remote, but that's another post. Today I got caught up in foolishness watching the "Infidelity" show and kept seeing previews for tonight's FML (Hahahahaha the initials!!!!) which was about a husband and wife who had 14 extra people living in their house.  The wife was fed up, she never okay'd any of it and she might have been a drunkard. 

I didn't intend to watch the whole show. But the first few minutes pulled me in.

  • Husband and wife, they have a couple of adult kids - still in the house
  • Husband decides one day he's going to move in 14 relatives.  Decides.  He tells her the day before.
  • The relatives are a bunch of ungrateful bastards who think the wife has an attitude problem.  
Iyanla points out multiple times the wife is the "lady of the house", that it's "her house" and it just flies right over their heads for a while.  Then a nephew gets offended, he's not going to be disrespected no matter who's house it is.

double super blank stare

Um.  What?  Seriously.  What?  In my house, it is not a democracy, you have no rights.  You can deal with me or you can get the hell out.  That is all.  Enough said.  When you have your own place, with your name on it, do whatever you want.  Here?  In my house?  I do whatever I want.  You don't like it?  Leave.  I have an attitude?  Ab-so-lute-ly, it's my house.

When did this entitlement attitude become ok?  Why do people assume that they have the right to do whatever feels good to them at the time (aka not bother being responsible enough to have their own) and no one gets to say anything to them about it.  Is this the result of bad parenting?  Steroids in chicken?  Too much sunlight?  What?  I don't get it.  You're not entitled to anything, ESPECIALLY in someone else's house.

In the end it worked out, the husband and wife communicated, the family did right and all is well (I'm sure I don't believe that).  And Iyanla 2.0 is kind of cool.  She's not arrogant, or self important or way abstract, she's just a person that calls others out on their b.s.  I like that.  I didn't know that was a job because I would've applied.  

I'm adding "getting paid to call people out" to my to do list. 

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  1. I'd like that job too! I was an Iyanla fan back in the 90s, then I fell off right around the time she got the first TV show. I've seen one episode of 2.0, and I didn't mind it.

    1. I was shocked because I was ready to hear a bunch of "fluffy" talk and it didn't happen. I don't think I'll be a regular watcher but I'd give it a chance if I saw it was on.

  2. I haven't watched it but I am and was totally offended by someone asserting they were "owed" respect while living in someone's home who they are effectively disrespecting.

    I would swear, a lot.

    1. I swear a lot now so I'm pretty sure I'd have to escalate to stabbing.

  3. I started watching this show when it was first on OWN but it got to crazy. When she told Sheree from Real Housewives of Atlanta something crazy about how she was treating her ex-husband but didn't address him for how blatantly rude he was to her (you should've heard the ways he disrespected that woman on that show), I'd had enough.

    1. It's good to know I wasn't the only one giving her the side eye.


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