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Sixteen - My Kind of Doctor

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Maybe because it's the first real reality show I've watched since Real World, but I find myself thinking about R & B Divas LA way too much.  Other than the fact that I get annoyed whenever they show Kelly Price (she's so extra all the time, I can't) there's no one that I just don't like.

That being said, there's something about Dawn.  She seems so aloof and like she's looking for someone to lead her.  The major part of her storyline is that she wants kids, but has had "woman issues" in the past.  We really didn't know what those were until this week. 

Last week she saw an RE (fertility doc) who kept it really real.  Maybe too real for her liking.  Although it was edited to all hell, and there was absolutely no evidence that they did any tests at all whatsoever, the first doc told Dawn that she was old (47) and her eggs were dusty (true) and that her options may be limited (true).  I want to say that Dawn said in one of her interviews that she wasn't open to using donor eggs.  Sure we're missing part of the conversation, I never heard the doc say "oh there's no way in hell you're having a baby".  What he did say was that she may have come to the end of the line, although that too was out of context

We learned more about Dawn's issues this week

  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • One ovary and one fallopian tube were removed
  • She's 47 
This week, she saw a holistic doctor.  Yes, this too was edited.  But it seemed as though this doctor told her if she stopped drinking coffee, ate rainbows and only breathed clean air she'd instantly become knocked up.  This made Dawn happy.

I made this face
 First, let me say I'm not anti holistic medicine.  But I am setting false expectations, and eating grass and drinking rainbows doesn't make you fertile.  If it did no one would be injecting themselves and dealing with mood swings or any other foolishness. Women would eat grass salads and men would go on rainbow hunting expeditions and babies would grow from trees. 

But that's not real life.  I'd much have a doctor who set realistic expectations while working with me rather than one that promises flowers and butterflies but can't deliver on either.

What about you?  What kind of doctor do you like?

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  1. Since En Vogue hasn't been together since 1890 she's had plenty of time to have a child or at least adopt one. She just wants something to mother she could get a couple of dogs for that.

  2. I watched both episodes,and I would rather have a doctor tell me the truth,than sell me a unrealistic dream. Yes,she has several odds stacked against her, including the fact that she had a myomectomy(surgery to remove fibroids). Could possibly create more scar tissue making conception difficult. However I didn't agree with the holistic doctor saying drink less coffee?? That was pretty terrible. It also seemed to me as if Dawn was going to continue going to Doctors until she found one who was going to tell her what she wanted to hear.

    1. Robbin that's exactly how I felt! And sure they edited but it was as though just eliminating coffee was a magical baby making solution. Um. No.

      You can't fight what you can't face. Know what the odds are, understand what your issues are and then see what can be seen. But don't go find someone to tell you any old thing.

  3. I consider myself to be pretty granola and holistic.....but not when it comes to my reproductive health. After you do all the research, and I did, you realize that any holistic answer to fibroids, endometriosis, etc. is at best a shot in the dark. You may feel better but the problem is still there.


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