Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Six - Dr. Bek C. Google

9:52 PM

You may not know this, but I am a doctor.  Yes, a medical doctor.  Yes, on people.   You see I am fully qualified:

  • I've watched all 421 seasons of Grey's Anatomy
  • I'm a faithful viewer of Real Stories of the ER 
  • My mom was a ER Nurse and had tons of books around
  • I paid a lot of attention in biology
  • I'm really good at googling 
See, fully qualified.  My thorough medical training has well equipped me for self-diagnosis and diagnosing my friends and family.  In fact, I'm ready to do surgery if someone would let me get my hands on a scalpel.

I can honestly say my medical degree from Notquitea University has come in handy.  I was able to diagnose Ladybug's reflux and croup before we got to the doctor. 

But, being an Notquitea alum has a downside
It turns out, you can over research, and end up knowing too much about something you don't want to know anything about. No reasonable 33 year old should be worried about having to wear a helmet.  That is not acceptable.  Not.  Acceptable. 

I'm totally not wearing a helmet without the rest of the outfit.

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  1. You are *MY* Dr. Google!!!!! You are my Googler. I can always count on you to find it. Always!!!!

  2. LOL! It's my pleasure! You're one of my best clients :-)


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