Saturday, August 17, 2013

Seventeen - Foolishness

11:03 PM

Occasionally I'll listen to Steve Harvey's morning show on the way to work.  It doesn't happen often because a lot of their characters make me tired.  But, sometimes I'll be scanning stations and it'll catch during the Strawberry Letter segment. 

Once in a while the letter seems legit.  But usually it's the foolishness that has made Maury rich.  The last letter I caught involved:

  • A 47 year old married lawyer with 3 grown daughters, all of whom are married
  • One of the daughters and her husband are living with her while they have a house built
  • One day one of the daughter's husbands stopped by to pick up something and they ended up having adult realtions
  • They kept on having relations and the sil that was staying with her walked in on them
  • That son in law asked for a little relations of his own to keep the secret quiet
  • She's now pregnant and doesn't know who the daddy is.  
  • Her husband is suspicious because he got snipped years ago
I'm 99.9999999% sure I heard a similar letter on this show before, but whatever.   And I don't think it's real but let's roll with it.

First and foremost. 


This lady wants to know what she's supposed to do now.  First, stop being a garden tool.  That's probably number one. 

Second, ugh. 

Third - What do you mean what should you do?  You should sit down and have several seats and keep your mouth shut.  No good can come of this. None.  In fact the best thing to do is pack a bag, leave an "I'm never coming home" note and run away. 

That's my advice. Run. A. Way.  Start over a new life with your baby/in-law.  You've just ruined the lives of your entire family.  Change your name to Molly Dogooder and move on.  Also, ugh.

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