Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Seven - Communication

10:36 PM

Whhhoooooooooo lawd!!!!!!

I actually watched R&B Divas on the right day.  And, got Jethro to watch the second half.

I was nearly on the floor with the foolishness that was Kelly Price.

One of my biggest pet peeves in life is when people don't say anything, don't communicate, don't use a carrier pigeon, or a smoke signal, or Morse Code or sign langauge or any damn communication method that normal folks understand, then act ALL KINDS OF APPALLED AND OUTRAGED when someone does something that is in opposition to what is in their head.  You know that they didn't bother to tell anyone.

Chante told Kelly she was meeting with a director, Kelly moaned a bit but wasn't clear on her feelings.

Lil Mo met with Kelly and told her about the director, Kelly made a few weird faces but again wasn't clear on her feelings.

Kelly shows up at rehresal and says, that she had no idea there was a director.




No idea? None?  For real?  From then the foolishness keeps going with Kelly having all kinds of conversations with her feelings on the inside and not telling anyone then getting upset about it.  What kind of way is that to live?  Why not just say "I have someone in mind for Director".  That is not even a lot of words.  Instead, she acts like a child and then gets overly upset and dramatic.

Worst thing ever.  Ugh.  Grow the hell up.  Use your words!!! Words are your friends.

Also - Jethro was nearly beside himself at the end of the episode.  THAT was funny.  "How does she have friends?", "Why are they still talking to her?!?!?" LOL

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  1. See, now I'm gonna have to find some way to watch this show! I've been hearing about it everywhere :-)

  2. YouTube maybe? Hulu? I don't know but woah! Woah!!!!

  3. Haha! I finally caught's great!


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