Sunday, August 4, 2013

Four - Would You Marry You?

8:17 PM

Somehow I've gotten sucked in to R&B Divas L.A.  I've done pretty well about staying away from reality tv, because typically it ends up in foolishness and I don't have the patience. I prefer to get my foolishness from Maury thank you very much. 

I'm an episode behind because pressing the record button on the DVR takes a lot of energy and they delay by a week on OnDemand.  

In episode three, the ladies venture to Vegas and Chante...

(off topic, Chante's body is awesome.  When I'm 47 or however old she is I'm going to look like that, I might need to surgically attach my head to her body but those are just details)

... talks about her book which I quickly dismissed as fluff.  After talking about their feelings and if they'd marry themselves. Then, they decided to have a ceremony to marry themselves and I nearly fell of the couch.  They got all dressed up and I rolled my eyes hard. H.A.R.D.  I texted (not a word) a couple friends and said if I had to marry me, I wasn't getting dressed up, I was wearing yoga pants.   We could psycho analyze that a lot, but we'll move on past that. 
These would be perfect

But then it got deep and I had to stop and think about it.  They ended up making vows to themselves, to be nicer to themselves, to forgive themselves to cut themselves some slack.  Dawn vowed to really be okay if she can't have kids (I wanted to give her 4,000 hugs, you don't know unless you know). And I thought about it. 

What did I need to vow to myself?  Forgiveness? Yep.  Honesty? Yep. Better treatment? Yep.  Just about every positive thing?  Yep. 

I'm a quick forgiver.  I find it hard to stay mad and often give second, third, fourth, etc chances to everyone else except me.  Maybe it's time that I give myself all of the benefits I give everyone else.

Or, keep stuffing my pie hole with chicken while not dealing with my feelings.  Either or. 

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  1. You are eleventy times more forgiving than I.

    I try to do this...I try to make commitments to myself but I still end up treating my loved ones better than I treat myself.

    1. Me too. And it's not just a little bit better. It's a lot better. A. Lot. I've got to do better by me. I can't stop kicking my own ass.

  2. I think that's hard. I'm harder on myself than anyone else and usually treat everyone else better than I'll treat myself. I need to work on this too.

  3. Ditto to all that. I wish I was kinder to myself. I can't stop myself from wondering what someone else will think of me if I don't do X...damn society and its expectations!

  4. And also, I would love to marry myself in a white cotton dress, barefoot on the beach!

    1. That sounds pretty.

      Maybe white yoga pants, LOL

  5. I agree with all you ladies! I'm very forgiving to others, to myself not so much. Guess it's something I should work on! My other major issue is not being a priority. I put everything and everyone in front of my needs. Being a Wife and a mom is important, however being ME is equally if not more important. Right?


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