Monday, August 5, 2013

Five - Random Post of Randomness

10:29 PM

When you have to blog, and you have things to say, but you have no time you get a Random Post of Randomness

  • After way too long of not going to actual service, I returned to church yesterday.  Ladybug went to her class and I heard the word.  A much needed, very much needed, super much needed word.  We pray as a family every morning, I pray with Ladybug every night, I pray on my own during the day, but I needed to fellowship and to hear things and see things and I've got to do better.  
  • One of the things from yesterday's service was "If Jesus asked you what you wanted him to do, would you have an answer?".  For some in the bible it was easy, to see, to heal a child, to walk... but I can honestly say I don't know.  The simple stuff seems too simple, to trivial, and the big stuff?  Maybe a conversation?  Even saying that though, there are somethings that we can't understand now.  It was kind of eye opening, that's the kind of thing you should have an answer for. 
  • Ladybug can sing 60% of her ABCs and can count to five.  She's the most amazing 20 month old ever.  I'm going to count her age in months until she's 21, LOL.  
  • I've slacked on updating my weightloss blog.  Way more slacking on updating than on actually exercising.  I haven't fallen off completely, but I definitely need to be more focused. 
  • I need a patch to address my Candy Crush right before bed habit. 
Five points. Day Five.  Works for me.  LOL 

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  1. On point number 2: That's something to think about...I've been going to church more regularly than I have in a while but I still have my moments of doubt. I think If I could ask Jesus anything it would be to be able to ask more questions. I would love to have a long conversation over some coffee and cronuts. What is up with this candy crush thing!? So many people are writing about it. I can't even mess with it because I'd probably get addicted.

    1. That was my immediate thought too. How can you sum up everything with one question? How about we take a walk Jesus and talk out some things?


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