Sunday, August 11, 2013

Eleven - Dressing in Dresses

9:26 PM

Once upon a time I was really into clothes.  I was always in New York & Company and enjoyed buying shoes (important to add, reasonably priced shoes). I was never shoe crazy but they didn't make me sad.  I liked dressing for work.  However, when money got tight, clothes was one of the first things that got caught, and I slowly stopped caring as much.  Slowly clothes turned from more!!!! to meh!

I'm making a concerted effort to do better with clothes, to care more even when I'm on a budget.  A super duper budget. A piece here a bargain there, to get my wardrobe back from warlock to wooohoooo. 

I've never been into dresses.  Partially because I sit like a boy, partially because I'm not at all a girl girl.  At all. Today, Jethro and I celebrated our anniversary today, and I decided to look the part.  Which means I BOUGHT A DRESS!!!!!

(Side story, I went to find a picture at this dress and I thought I found it.  Then I clicked on the bad boy and it said MATERNITY!!! I was upset.  I have a pleasant dress experience and it turns out it was a damn MATERNITY dress!?!?!?!  No wonder it was comfy.  Then I got mad and had to find the tag and it didn't say maternity, and the tag in the dress doesn't say maternity but I was still annoyed.  I searched and searched for it.  Then I saw a note that said the maternity was only available online.  Whew.)

And I enjoyed wearing it.  Sure I had to be super conscious when getting out of the car, but it wasn't bad at all. 

Maybe I'll do this more often. 

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  1. I was never a dress girl either..In fact I only started wearing dresses when I turned 30 but now I looooveee them!! It's like a "no thought" outfit. 1. See dress 2. put on dress and flats 3. go have fun


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