Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eight - 8 Looks Like Infinity

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Today, August 8th, is my 8 year wedding anniversary. 

Jethro and I were married in Vegas on August 8, 2005 in front of our family and friends.  When I tell people I got married in Vegas, people automatically assume we eloped.  Nope.   We knew we wanted a destination wedding.  And while the Caribbean seemed like it would be awesome, we wanted some place where people could afford to go and have a nice time.  Vegas fit the bill well.  Of course, this was back in the day when you could fly to Vegas for $150 round trip.   Vegas is basically built for weddings, I told them what I wanted and they made it happen.  No drama, no stress.  I cried twice on my wedding day.  The first, was when I found out my brother was in his "dress" uniform from the Marines.  Not sure why that made me tear up, but it did.  My sister responded by telling me to man up.  The second time was right before I walked down the aisle.  My daddy told me not to be scared, I quickly replied I was crying because I was happy, and I still am.

Jethro and I aren't perfect, no one is, and being married takes prayer, work, kindness, forgiveness, patience, tolerance and sacrifice. Anyone that pretends otherwise is a liar and a stupid face and shouldn't be trusted.

We meet wayyyyyyyy back in 1998 when we worked at the same company.  I though he was the cutest thing ever.  I checked out his car (I'm a stalker) and checked the backseat for carseats.  None!  I checked multiple times, None!!!  I pegged him to be 24 to my 19, and I thought he had the nicest butt.  I told a coworker I thought he was cute and she told him.  He asked me out.  I was soooooooooooooooo nervous! I met him at his apartment (this is so funny to talk about) where he revealed something I wasn't prepared for.  He wasn't 24.  He was 29 aka damn near 30.  I was a very new 19.  I rolled with it, I was a sucka! We went to eat and then the movies and we didn't kiss afterwards because I'm a good girl. (Hahahaha) I bring that up to him all the time.  You didn't even get a kiss!!!  It worked though.  He didn't tell me about those 3 old (waaayyyyy too old for car seats) kids of his until later.

He used to con me to come over by saying he was making dinner.  It worked.  Ev. Ver. Re. Time.  I was ill prepared for 30 year old game!!!! He's been THAT man since I was 19.  Every song on the radio is him.  Happy song, him.  Sad song, him.  Gonna set your car on fire song, him.  It's all about him. 

We've had ups and downs.  We've had money to spare and have pinched pennies.  We've grown together even though we're so opposite.  He likes loud, I like quiet.  He thinks the club is awesome, I'm happy in the library.  He talks with his feelings, I put my feelings in the corner. But we work, he's on when I'm off, can calm me down when I stress out (I stay stressed out) and he makes me cookies. 

I love him and he loves me. And if you turn an eight on its side...

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  1. Yay!!! Love!!! This was lovely :-). I love "how we met" stories..Happy Anniversary, Bek C!

  2. Thank you Betty Crocker for all that cake :) Happy Anniversary!


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