Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tape Me Up!

9:24 PM

I've gone back and forth about how much of me I want to put on this blog. And if I'm honest, when looking back at what I've written in the past I've never thought "oooohhhhh I shouldn't have talked about that".  In fact, it's always been quite the opposite.

Despite that, I'm a pretty quiet person. If something is going on with me, there are likely very few individuals that know.  I'm not one to tell everyone all of my business. 

I'm stalling. 

Something's going on with my insides. Things aren't quite right and they haven't been for a while. 

Earlier this year I was doing big things, working out every morning, getting fit and really working towards maintaining my weight. Then two things happened, I caught a cold from Ladybug and I went back on regular birth control.  I glazed over it here.  My level of energy changed dramatically.  Suddenly, walking up stairs left me winded.  And I was getting lightheaded/dizzy.    I stopped the pills, but things didn't improve.

And then my arms went numb.  I could still move them, but they didn't feel right.  The first time I googled, I came up with carpal tunnel.  Wasn't concerned in the least.  Until I googled again and came up with MS.  That changed the game for me.  It was a Thursday and I called to make an appointment for the following Monday.  When I told the rep what the appointment was for she paused.  Not a good catch your breath kind of pause, a "awww damn you're about to keel over" pause and promptly informed me the doctor had appointments available that day. 

On Friday, I went to the doctor.  Unfortunately, my doc was out and the PA I saw graduated about 13 minutes before my appointment.  She listened to ALLLLLLLLLL of my symptoms.  And ordered a bunch of blood work, a pee in a cup, an EKG, chest x-ray and heart monitor.  I am actively wearing the heart monitor (we'll get back to that).  Everything else came back normal.  Extra normal.  If something had a normal range of 1-30, my level is 15.  Smack dab in the middle of normal, normal.  No indication of anything doing anything.  My skeleton is unremarkable and has no significant defects.  It almost sounds like an insult to my skeleton, and I'd still like to know about my insignificant defects.  Are my ribs lopsided? Is my sternum off center?

I'm actively wearing a holter monitor.  Like right this moment.  I have to wear it for a total of 48 hours. 
Most possible tape!  Don't fall off me!

This thing works by having these electrodes stuck to your body.  Well!  Let me tell you, this is no small feat when you're a sweaty person.  Non sweaty people won't understand.  I'm a sweaty person, these things are sliding all over the place.  I've taped, the tape slides too.  I bought more tape today.  I should just wrap myself like a mummy. I so hope that me having the consistency of a swamp monster doesn't throw of the results.  Because wearing this thing isn't fun at all.  Sleeping is less funner.  Less funner! 

I hope that this will lead to a diagnosis of something real small that I can eat watermelon or something to fix.   So that's what I'm claiming.  Acute watermelon deficiency.  I've got that. 


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  1. Bek, you're brave for sharing and I'm so glad you acted right away. it may totally be nothing and I pray that it is nothing! I'm putting any fears and doubts you might have under my feet and stomping on them!

  2. Yeah, you did the right thing by going and getting checking out. I hope everything turns out okay.


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