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This wasn't my original post for tonight.  I was going to talk about the mutants that are invading my backyard.  But then this story came on the news.

The surveillance video from an Oklahome Walmart shows a heroic police officer saving a 2-year-old girl from the clutches of a deranged man with a knife. He did so by shooting the criminal at point-blank range, killing him.
Sammie Wallace, age 37, grabbed a todder from her mother’s shopping cart, held the child with a knife to her throat, police detailed.
Her mom screams for help, and other shoppers call 911 and surround Wallace, according to police.
“I mean we waited until the last second to use deadly force,” police chief Brandon Clabes told NBC affiliate KFOR-TV.
“No one wants to take a life, especially in the line of duty.”
Police released video and 911 audio from the June 17 incident last week.

Fearing for the child’s well being, a heroic police officer, Capt. David Huff, shot the man at point-blank range. The child was unharmed in the horrifying ordeal.

Wallace had no prior connection to the child or her mother, police said.

You walk into a grocery store and deliberately take a child, give the child's mother a phone and tell her to call the police.  You walk around and hold a knife to the child's neck, starting a countdown.  According to the report, one officer distracted him while a second fired a single round into his head.  The little girl is fine.

Some people are asking "were the actions of the police justifiable?"

Hell yes.

You don't accidentally end up with a 2 year old on your lap and a knife up to her neck.  That's not an "oops my bad moment." He planned this, may have planned the ending to go that way.

Others are saying, "her mother walked away from the cart"


There is absolutely no reason why any reasonable person would be expected to foresee this.  THIS doesn't happen.  You're supposed to have one hand on the kid at all times?  What if something is on a high shelf?  Or there's an idiot contemplating the meaning of life in front of the milk?  How is this the mothers fault?

And then there's the "they should've tased him" group.

Are you that slow?

There's a reason they yell clear before shocking someone.  Tasing him would have tased the little girl as well, jeopardizing her safety.  She did nothing wrong.

I don't know what was going on with Mr. Wallace, don't have a clue as to the demons he faced. I hope he finds peace in the afterlife.  But.  I'm not sad about how he got there.

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  1. I saw this story. People are so crazy now you never know what they are going to do. That officer was right to shoot. Why take a chance like that with a little girl's life at stake.


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