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Hair Matters

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I've been natural since before it was cool to be natural.  Before it was "natural" and was just "I don't have a relaxer".  I wasn't trying to be cool or trendy, I was avoiding the evil wretched perm burns.  Every time I got a touch up I'd get one.  Every. Time.  Without fail.  You could apply 8 jars of vaseline first, wouldn't matter.  Perm burns are the worst thing ever.  Even worse than Walmart.  So I stopped getting them.   That was at least 8 years ago and I've hacked and regrew and hacked and regrew a bunch of times since then. 

I didn't start rocking my curls until a few years ago.  Mostly because they didn't keep and I had no idea how to stop my hair from going all "Ang-a-luh Davis".

By then, natural was becoming a thing and there were quite a few products available to tame the curls.  Now?  There are 1900 products.  Some that are reasonably priced, some that are obviously made with diamond dust, unicorn pee, rainbows and heroin for how much they cost. 

I spent a lot of time looking at natural hair regimens yesterday.  I was following people's blog rolls and fell down a rabbit hole.  I'm all ready to coat my head in egg (ew no I'm not) and olive oil (the cheap kind).  What products do you love?  So far I've tried:

Mixed Chicks - My favorite, but not the easiest to aquire without ordering online.  They say they have it a Target, but all I can find is the shampoo and conditioner.  Those things are good but I want the no frizz/Ang-a-luh Davis goo.

Ouidad - Works well but hella expensive.  I is broke.  Nope.

Carol's Daughter Hair Milk - Admittedly the hair milk I had was a billion years old, maybe they've changed the scent, because the stuff I have smells like every chemical mixed together. It works ok but it stinks.

Shea Butter - It holds well.  It's well priced.  It may be found in regular stores. But... it leaves my hair looking dull.  There's nothing cute about dry looking hair. I'm using it now, mostly because I don't want to use that dang hair milk, and it does its job but woah.  Saharahead.

What's worked for you?

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  1. Warning: This is entirely too long.

    Ahhhh...Hair. I gotta say I've tried a whole lot of products just like you. When I first went natural in..2009(??)I was all about the Carol's Daughter Hair Milk. It didn't work for me and I hated the smell. My hair is naturally dry and needed more moisture.

    What I found from reading some natural hair blogs is that hair sometimes reacts well to more washing than I think Black women are used to. After a while, I went from using shampoo and conditioner to just conditioner every week and that worked really well actually.

    When I transitioned to locs I was at a loss for what product to use and tried a lot that were just ridiculous. Today I wash using a mixture of baking soda, apple cider vinegar and water in an old pump shampoo bottle. It works wonders. The baking soda clarifies the hair of any gunk, the ACV softens and conditions the hair. I'll probably add a few drops of Dr. Bronner's peppermint or almond soap in there sometime soon, just for the suds and scent.

    Afterward, I rub in a palm full of Extra virgin coconut oil and I'm good to go on moisture for at least a week. If I need a touch up, I put a little water and coconut oil in a spray bottle and give myself a spritz.

    Also, protective styles like braid ups work very well for me and last long. I wash maybe every three weeks.

  2. As much as people rave about Carol's Daughter, the Hair Milk smells horrible. Ick. Maybe they've changed the scent but ick!

    A lot of the sites I've been reading talk about using different oils. Where do you find coconut oil? Health food stores?

    Right now I wash once a week - week and a half, and co wash every three to four days. My curls don't stay over night so I have to re-wet every day. The Shea Butter line seems to be too drying for me, so it's probably time for me to move on to the next.


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