Saturday, July 20, 2013

Gymnastics! aka "Nastics"

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After trying and epically failing to find a swimming class on a Saturday (enter vent about having 400 classes during the week, SOME OF US WORK PEOPLE), Ladybug was enrolled in gymnastics.  I love gymnastics.  Love.  Love love.  Love.  Even rhythmic gymnastics.   I first fell in love with the sport because of Dominique Daws, although I was too old (14), too thick (size 10) and too tall (5'4", I'm a giant) to be a gymnast in real life, I can totally tumble my tail off in my head.

I can do this.  In my mind.  I'm doing it right now.  I'm the bomb.
I was thrilled, ecstatic, jubilant even to find a gym that had a class for tiny little, still wobbly when running people.  And so I signed us up for mommy/tot class, which is really code for, please don't let your baby do anything crazy class, you stand right there class.

Ladybug is the only little person in her class, which means that she's basically getting private lessons.  I should tell myself that when I'm feeling down.  Well... at least Ladybug is getting those private lessons...

I got her all hyped up for "class" aka "baby exercise" aka "gymnastics" and we were ready for her first day. We were 15 minutes early and I spent the entire time trying to corral her back into the waiting area because she was ready to go.  Go!!!!
Ready?.... Not Ready?...Ready?!?!
Her first class went well.  She didn't need any mommy assistance, it was her and the coach.  They ran and jumped and ran across the beam.  He was super good with her, having kids of his own he understood how a 1-1/2 year old works.  Meaning, they pretty much do whatever they want.  LOL

Her favorite part was the hula hoop.  Oooohhhh the hula hoop, how she loves thee
She had a great first class, and was worn out!  OUT!  She had a nice meltdown in the car.  She's pretty reliable that way, she holds it together until we get to the car.

The second class was even better, her coach remarked her jumps had improved a lot, and that it actually seemed like she knew what she was doing with that hoop.

Class number three didn't start out as well.  Turns out the coaches rotate, so Ladybug's teacher was with the older kids.  For the first ten minutes she kept pointing at him "class?"  She wasn't sure about this new lady.  And the new lady hadn't had a  lot of practice with tiny people either.  But they adjusted. Ladybug's favorite part of today was "chasing" her coach on the floor.

Just like this, except for the actual tumbling.  So not like this at all.

I'm not silly enough to believe that this is going to lead to the Olympics but I'm glad she's involved in something.  Maybe we'll do swimming in the fall. Gotta keep this baby busy, and tired enough to take that lovely 3 hour nap on Saturday :-)

And maybe I'll convince them to let me fault.
Or not.  Probably not. 

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  1. Haha. I love gymnastics. I still watch it on tv whenever it's on. I'm sure little Ladybug is having a ball. It always looks like so much fun... and work. She'll definitely be tired. lol


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