Thursday, July 25, 2013

BeFitin90 Day 4

9:26 PM

I phoned it in today.

I had a rough night where I spent way too much time in my own head.  I stopped myself and prayed but was still in a weird place.  I got up and after spending way too much time online, I got started.

Today's workout:

  • Warm Up (5:13) - Same warm up.  I did more than usual but didn't feel positive about it at all
  • Arms & Abs (10:07)- Big swole dudes!!!  I enjoy strength work.  I enjoyed the workout even though I still didn't use weights.  Noodle arms, and basement hunting are constricting. 
  • Fat Burning Cardio (9:41) - The same cardio workout from day one.  Cardio is not my friend, I had a headache and I'm pretty sure there was a jumping jack or something equally as dumb.  And I just didn't have it in me today.  Or maybe I did but I couldn't get focused enough to pull it out.  I bailed with about 2 minutes to go. 
  • Sports Stretch (10:48) - I didn't stretch with the swole dudes. 
I told myself I was bailing because I was short on time, and that was partly true.  But mostly I wasn't in the mood.  I psyched myself out of it.

I'll do better tomorrow.  One step at a time.  That's all we can do.  

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