Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BeFitin90 Day 3

7:38 AM

Today is a rest day for working out.  I like rest days, rest days are my favorite!

So, instead, we'll talk about food.  Diet and exercise go hand in hand.  If your goal is to lose weight, it's ideal to do both.  Is it possible to lose weight by diet only?  Sure, if you cut enough calories it totally is possible.  Is it possible with just exercise?  Sure.  But, the best balance requires both.

There are all kinds of fad diets out there.  Eat 68 calories every 90 minutes and you'll lose weight.  Make every fourth bite all carbs and it'll fall right off.  Have 8 drops of sunflower oil after drinking 6 oz of water and a hard boiled egg and bam, skinny.   Only eat avocados for breakfast, and bananas for dinner and instant results. 

I know this is going to annoy a bunch of people, but I think all of these diets are full of it.  There's one way to lose weight, take in less calories than you burn.   You're not going to lose weight because sunflower oil is magical, you're losing weight because you're limiting your calories.  Duh.

AND!!! It's important do something that you can maintain.  While I admire the willpower of those people who can literally starve themselves and not eat, that's not realistic for me.  I can't just eat rainbows and flower petals and be okay.  It's not realistic and the moment you go back to eating like  a regular person BAM! Your body comes out of starvation mode and stores everything as fat because "there's a famine in the land".

For me, it's about better choices and portion control. I don't mean that in the measure everything sense, because I can obsess over that.  But I don't need 3 cookies when 1 will take care of the craving.  It's better for me to have oatmeal for breakfast than a Whopper.  That will knock a lot of calories out of my diet. And avoiding fast food.  I'm getting back into freezer cooking and that helps a lot.  No need to stop when I've got a full meal at home.
I'm adding more fruit and vegetables and being healthier in general, but not starving myself and not following a fad.  Drinking only coffee isn't going to work for me, but making better decisions will

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