Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Five Minute Post

So many things to talk about, but only five minutes:

  • I'm doing a 31 one day challenge in August.  My goal is to post something every day.  I've done it before, but never here, or at least not that I can remember.  Which is sad.  I'm pretty sure the answer is no.  I've only got 5 minutes so no time to check.  It's fitting because the next post will be number 100 which is kind of awesome. 
  • I'm sad Scandal isn't back until October
  • It's okay to threaten your husband with bodily harm if he doesn't make cookies.  Cookies are important for living. 
  • I'm thankful for encouraging friends 
  • I have a post in my head about Fruitvale Station that's got to come out.  Way too many feelings
  • They need a rehab for candy crush.  Re-hab
  • I should attend said rehab. 
  • Jimmy Kimmel is extra funny
  • I've washed a load of laundry the last couple of nights.  They're washed, and dried and living in baskets.  I would've washed more but I'm out of baskets. 
  • Gas costs too much 
  • I've eaten every bad thing this week.  See threatening my husband for cookies as outlined above
And time!!!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hair Matters

I've been natural since before it was cool to be natural.  Before it was "natural" and was just "I don't have a relaxer".  I wasn't trying to be cool or trendy, I was avoiding the evil wretched perm burns.  Every time I got a touch up I'd get one.  Every. Time.  Without fail.  You could apply 8 jars of vaseline first, wouldn't matter.  Perm burns are the worst thing ever.  Even worse than Walmart.  So I stopped getting them.   That was at least 8 years ago and I've hacked and regrew and hacked and regrew a bunch of times since then. 

I didn't start rocking my curls until a few years ago.  Mostly because they didn't keep and I had no idea how to stop my hair from going all "Ang-a-luh Davis".

By then, natural was becoming a thing and there were quite a few products available to tame the curls.  Now?  There are 1900 products.  Some that are reasonably priced, some that are obviously made with diamond dust, unicorn pee, rainbows and heroin for how much they cost. 

I spent a lot of time looking at natural hair regimens yesterday.  I was following people's blog rolls and fell down a rabbit hole.  I'm all ready to coat my head in egg (ew no I'm not) and olive oil (the cheap kind).  What products do you love?  So far I've tried:

Mixed Chicks - My favorite, but not the easiest to aquire without ordering online.  They say they have it a Target, but all I can find is the shampoo and conditioner.  Those things are good but I want the no frizz/Ang-a-luh Davis goo.

Ouidad - Works well but hella expensive.  I is broke.  Nope.

Carol's Daughter Hair Milk - Admittedly the hair milk I had was a billion years old, maybe they've changed the scent, because the stuff I have smells like every chemical mixed together. It works ok but it stinks.

Shea Butter - It holds well.  It's well priced.  It may be found in regular stores. But... it leaves my hair looking dull.  There's nothing cute about dry looking hair. I'm using it now, mostly because I don't want to use that dang hair milk, and it does its job but woah.  Saharahead.

What's worked for you?

BeFitin90 - Day Aw Damn

I'm going to repeat days 4 and 5.  I half assed four, and just didn't on five.  Day six is rest, but you don't need to rest from resting.  Tomorrow morning is 5 or 5 part duex.

I can say that it's easier to get refocused when I have an audience.

Oh, and I'm down a pound, which is good, but not good enough.

I'm back on it in the morning.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

BeFitin90 Day 4

I phoned it in today.

I had a rough night where I spent way too much time in my own head.  I stopped myself and prayed but was still in a weird place.  I got up and after spending way too much time online, I got started.

Today's workout:

  • Warm Up (5:13) - Same warm up.  I did more than usual but didn't feel positive about it at all
  • Arms & Abs (10:07)- Big swole dudes!!!  I enjoy strength work.  I enjoyed the workout even though I still didn't use weights.  Noodle arms, and basement hunting are constricting. 
  • Fat Burning Cardio (9:41) - The same cardio workout from day one.  Cardio is not my friend, I had a headache and I'm pretty sure there was a jumping jack or something equally as dumb.  And I just didn't have it in me today.  Or maybe I did but I couldn't get focused enough to pull it out.  I bailed with about 2 minutes to go. 
  • Sports Stretch (10:48) - I didn't stretch with the swole dudes. 
I told myself I was bailing because I was short on time, and that was partly true.  But mostly I wasn't in the mood.  I psyched myself out of it.

I'll do better tomorrow.  One step at a time.  That's all we can do.  

Juggling It All

People say you can't have it all.  Celebrities would have us feel different, that you can juggle everything and nothing will suffer and butterflies will shoot out of your butt.  I'm not a celebrity, I have no team of assistants, no cooks, no house cleaners, no nannies and definitely no butterflies shooting out of my behind.

At one point I was all ambition and taking over the world and (yes this sentence runs on) becoming the VP of everything and bow down I'm the boss.  But, that ambition was costing me family time and I let it go.  Not completely, but I no longer feel the need to pull 80 hour weeks to feel fulfilled.  I still get a lot of esteem at work, it is important to me that I be seen as dependable, knowledgeable and a team player.  I don't call off.  Partially because there are more fun things to do with vacation days, but mostly because I don't want to be THAT employee.  I'd rather come in and infect everyone else.  Sorry coworkers, except not really.

When you combine that part of me with mommy me, we get this.

It's hard enough with the whole leave your baby with strangers and hope they don't treat her bad thing.  But then she gets sick.  And there's the juggling between I'm a good employee, I need my job so we can continue to eat and oooohhhhhhh she wouldn't have gotten these cooties if it weren't for the other germ filled kids at a school I need to be with her and stare at her.

I feel guilty for not being at work, and I feel guilty for feeling guilty about that.

Why is guilt an emotion?  Shouldn't evolution have taken care of this by now?  Is this so we don't run off and leave our young?  I'm not going anywhere, I worked too hard to get her.

But this feeling, this feeling that no matter what I choose it's wrong, it's for the birds.  Dirty, stinky boil infested birds.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BeFitin90 Day 3

Today is a rest day for working out.  I like rest days, rest days are my favorite!

So, instead, we'll talk about food.  Diet and exercise go hand in hand.  If your goal is to lose weight, it's ideal to do both.  Is it possible to lose weight by diet only?  Sure, if you cut enough calories it totally is possible.  Is it possible with just exercise?  Sure.  But, the best balance requires both.

There are all kinds of fad diets out there.  Eat 68 calories every 90 minutes and you'll lose weight.  Make every fourth bite all carbs and it'll fall right off.  Have 8 drops of sunflower oil after drinking 6 oz of water and a hard boiled egg and bam, skinny.   Only eat avocados for breakfast, and bananas for dinner and instant results. 

I know this is going to annoy a bunch of people, but I think all of these diets are full of it.  There's one way to lose weight, take in less calories than you burn.   You're not going to lose weight because sunflower oil is magical, you're losing weight because you're limiting your calories.  Duh.

AND!!! It's important do something that you can maintain.  While I admire the willpower of those people who can literally starve themselves and not eat, that's not realistic for me.  I can't just eat rainbows and flower petals and be okay.  It's not realistic and the moment you go back to eating like  a regular person BAM! Your body comes out of starvation mode and stores everything as fat because "there's a famine in the land".

For me, it's about better choices and portion control. I don't mean that in the measure everything sense, because I can obsess over that.  But I don't need 3 cookies when 1 will take care of the craving.  It's better for me to have oatmeal for breakfast than a Whopper.  That will knock a lot of calories out of my diet. And avoiding fast food.  I'm getting back into freezer cooking and that helps a lot.  No need to stop when I've got a full meal at home.
I'm adding more fruit and vegetables and being healthier in general, but not starving myself and not following a fad.  Drinking only coffee isn't going to work for me, but making better decisions will

BeFitin90 Day 2

Day 2 was a definite improvement over day one.

Maybe because I got to sleep a little later, maybe because my body has decided, oh, we're doing this for real? I'm a sweaty person in general.  I don't know if this is something to be proud of, but it's true nonetheless.  After day two it looked like I just got out of the shower.

Today's Workouts
  • Warm up - (5:13) Same as yesterday, but with less walking around in a circle saying "they want me to do WHAT?!?!?!"
  • Back & Shoulders Workout (9:36) The big swole dudes are back!  But it's okay because they're working with weights.  Admittedly I did this weightless, partially because I didn't feel like going to find them in the basement, and partially because my arms are made of wet spaghetti and I knew just moving them would be enough. 
  • Cardio MMA Workout (9:51) This is my absolutely favorite. Maybe because I got a black belt in Tae Kwon Do when I was younger, maybe because I have violent tendencies, probably because I think I'm a warrior princess in my head.  I did this one with no stopping.  Mostly punching, it uses combos to keep you moving, jab-cross-hook-upper cut - knee to the face.  Knee to the face is my favorite.  I may need counseling. 

Inspiration!  Knee to the face!!!!
  • Yoga Basics (9:48) I was so looking forward to this.  I thought it was going to be nice and serene and thanks to the Wii I know a bunch of poses.  Heh.  These girls move fast.  F.A.S.T. I would've been content to do tree poses for 10 minutes but nope.  This is the one that made me sweat, but it a good way. 
Overall, I'm a bit sore, my hamstrings are definitely making their presence known but it's not excruciating at all.  Day 3 is a rest day, whoever made this program is a genius. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

BeFitin90 Day 1

I woke up at 4:30 this morning.

Then 4:35

Then 4:40

Then 4:45.

I'm using BeFit's BeFitin90 which is completely available on YouTube. 

A  few months ago I was able to do Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred with little difficulty. Things are not the same.  Oh no!  My fitness level is currently -124

Today's Workouts:
  • Warm Up Workout (5:13) - You know you're in trouble when the warm up makes you do the "walking in a circle is still moving so you can't tell me I'm not".  The trainer's voice can be grating but isn't stab inducing. There are stretches and other stupid things the usual suspects to get your body warmed up.  I probably did about 65% of this.  Maybe.  
  • Chest, Legs & Buns (10:10) - I much prefer leg work to cardio.  Cardio makes me sad.  This also made me sad.  Ouch. 
  • Fat Burning Cardio (9:41) - Jumping Jacks.  I abhor jumping jacks.  I want to kick jumping Jack in the sternum.  They should have a really chunky person in these videos for inspiration.  She hasn't fallen out yet, I'm not going to fall out
  • Sports Stretch (10:48) - The most possible stretching.  I was really distracted because it's a bunch of football looking dudes stretching. There's a token girl but it was weird.  Big swole dudes shouldn't stretch on a video, it's unsettling.  I stretched, but I was confused.  
Day one wasn't as bad as it could've been.  I spent a lot of time 'walking it out'  but I made it through it.

One down, 89 to go.

Munchie Mondays - Freezer Cooking

I've owed this post forever.  For.  Ev.  Ver!!!! 

I wish I could say that I am crafty and organized enough to have come up with freezer cooking on my own.  Nope.  I'd see a Facebook friend posting about how she was making X for dinner and A, B, C, D and E for the freezer.  Honestly, I thought it odd.  Who cooks for their freezer?  Weirdos.  That's who.  Then my favorite weirdo (ha) took a stab at it at well and I was inspired. 

So what it is?  To put it simply freezer cooking is doing all (or nearly all) of the prep work for a meal in advance and then freezing it.  When you're ready for it, you pull it out of the freezer the day before and heat it up when you're ready.  The process varies by the menu item, some things you can put in the crock pot, some things you can microwave, some things are baked in the oven. By doing all of the prep work on one day, you can relieve some of the stress that can happen on other days.  Let's face it, juggling career, husbands, kids, relatives, hobbies, me time, a moment to actually use the bathroom...  will leave you starved for time.   This takes the drama out of dinner.  No more worries about what to cook, you just take out what you need and bam! 

You can find freezer recipes online, search Pinterest, or sign up with a meal planning site.  I've used Once A Month Mom which has a subscription service with new menus each month, but they also have old menus available for no cost. 

Last Sunday was my cooking day.  I did most of my shopping Friday after work, finding all but a few items at Aldi.

Not the best pic but it'll do - my Aldi's haul - ~$70
 Saturday night I did some of the prep work.  I browned by ground beef and Italian sausage for lasagna, chopped vegetables and made rice.   I made a few items that required cooked chicken, so I put chicken breasts in the crock pot and let them take care of themselves.  Saturday night's time spent on cooking, approximately an hour. 

A crock pot with a timer is a working woman's best friend

Sunday I assembled everything and made Taco Soup for dinner.  Taco Soup may very well be the most perfect food in the history of food.  Should've made a second batch to freeze, but I was too busy trying to stick it in my pie hole.

On Sunday morning I made my second trip to the grocery store and spent around $30.  Part of what I bought on Sunday was foil pans for storage.  You don't have to use foil pans, you can freeze in casserole dishes, which is what I did in beginning.  And then I couldn't find any because they were all in the freezer.  The foil pans make clean up a snap too. 

It took roughly 3.5 hours on Sunday and I made two of each of the following:

  • Lasagna
  • Beef Enchiladas
  • Tex-Mex Chicken & Rice
  • Orange Chicken 
  • Chicken Pesto Sandwhiches
  • Sweet & Spicy Pork Chops
  • Chicken & Vegetable Stir Fry 
With the exception of the pork chops, everything else is bake or warm and eat.  
Lasagna, Beef Enchiladas, Tex-Mex Chicken & Rice, Chicken Pesto (for sandwiches)

Sweet & Spicy Pork Chops, Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry (with Rice)
Into the freezer everything went.  When I'm ready, I'll pull things out and bam!!! dinner.  We had Lasagna on Wednesday, all I had to do was tossed it in the oven along. 

15 Dinners (including the soup) for $100, $6.67 per meal.  Everything I made was for four people ( I like left overs for lunch) it comes to $1.67 per person per meal.  You can't beat that.  And everything is healthy, well maybe not the enchiladas (LOL) but much healthier than what I'd pick up after a long day. 

Have you freezer cooked?  How has it improved things for you?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

And so it begins

Tomorrow I resume working out.  The results of my heart monitor came back normal.  My ticker is ok.  No more excuses.  And my before pictures are a hot mess.  H-O-T like a volcano.  Hot like the sun.  Hot like my car and the defective a/c. 

I'll be doing frequent updates over at Chunk to Chic, come join me.

The Day Before

McNuggets are gross.  But Buffalo Wild Wings is the shiznit!

It Begins

Tomorrow is my first day of working out.  I'll be doing YouTube's BeFitin90.  It's free.



It also looks painful.

I took my before pictures tonight.  My belly.  Wooooo Lawd my belly.

I haven't been pregnant in almost 20 months.  It looks like I'm due 30 weeks ago.  And AND, my behind may have been transformed into a microwave sized Spongebob.  No one's ass should look like that.

These before pics just lit a fire under my ass.  We'll see how good my image recall is at 4:30am.  Maybe 4:45.  Maybe 4:50.

No I'm not posting before pics yet.  Nope.  There's got to be a comparison cause woah.  Woah.  Woah.

My ass.  Seriously, but it's more horizontal.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Gymnastics! aka "Nastics"

After trying and epically failing to find a swimming class on a Saturday (enter vent about having 400 classes during the week, SOME OF US WORK PEOPLE), Ladybug was enrolled in gymnastics.  I love gymnastics.  Love.  Love love.  Love.  Even rhythmic gymnastics.   I first fell in love with the sport because of Dominique Daws, although I was too old (14), too thick (size 10) and too tall (5'4", I'm a giant) to be a gymnast in real life, I can totally tumble my tail off in my head.

I can do this.  In my mind.  I'm doing it right now.  I'm the bomb.
I was thrilled, ecstatic, jubilant even to find a gym that had a class for tiny little, still wobbly when running people.  And so I signed us up for mommy/tot class, which is really code for, please don't let your baby do anything crazy class, you stand right there class.

Ladybug is the only little person in her class, which means that she's basically getting private lessons.  I should tell myself that when I'm feeling down.  Well... at least Ladybug is getting those private lessons...

I got her all hyped up for "class" aka "baby exercise" aka "gymnastics" and we were ready for her first day. We were 15 minutes early and I spent the entire time trying to corral her back into the waiting area because she was ready to go.  Go!!!!
Ready?.... Not Ready?...Ready?!?!
Her first class went well.  She didn't need any mommy assistance, it was her and the coach.  They ran and jumped and ran across the beam.  He was super good with her, having kids of his own he understood how a 1-1/2 year old works.  Meaning, they pretty much do whatever they want.  LOL

Her favorite part was the hula hoop.  Oooohhhh the hula hoop, how she loves thee
She had a great first class, and was worn out!  OUT!  She had a nice meltdown in the car.  She's pretty reliable that way, she holds it together until we get to the car.

The second class was even better, her coach remarked her jumps had improved a lot, and that it actually seemed like she knew what she was doing with that hoop.

Class number three didn't start out as well.  Turns out the coaches rotate, so Ladybug's teacher was with the older kids.  For the first ten minutes she kept pointing at him "class?"  She wasn't sure about this new lady.  And the new lady hadn't had a  lot of practice with tiny people either.  But they adjusted. Ladybug's favorite part of today was "chasing" her coach on the floor.

Just like this, except for the actual tumbling.  So not like this at all.

I'm not silly enough to believe that this is going to lead to the Olympics but I'm glad she's involved in something.  Maybe we'll do swimming in the fall. Gotta keep this baby busy, and tired enough to take that lovely 3 hour nap on Saturday :-)

And maybe I'll convince them to let me fault.
Or not.  Probably not. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I am cranky. Not that I REALLY have a reason to be. It's just a bunch of insignificant stuff that's added up to a giant ball of annoyance. 


I'm in competition with someone and they don't even know it. It's not formal , or a game or even work related. But I am. I look at what she's done / is doing and I declare myself the loser. Never mind there is no competition. Never mind there's no way to compare lives. Never mind that I'm only looking at the good. I feel like I've failed. 


Failure. My true opponent. The one I spent the majority of my life fleeing from. Then I decided to stare it in the face. But now. I feel like just telling it that it wins. 


I know I'm being unreasonable and unfair to myself. I think I'm ok with that. 


I'm hormonal.  In my next life I'm coming back with a giant magical wang and won't work. The wang will support me 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lessons from Trayvon

Yesterday, I site I frequent posted a picture of Trayvon in the grass, on his back, dead.  It's not something I would ever have clicked through to see.  The site, which I also follow on Facebook, chose that image to show in the story, I didn't have a choice but to see it.   The writer said that he posted it so that people didn't lose sight of what the Zimmerman case was actually about.  The death of a boy.  A 17 year old black boy who was talking to a friend, walking home from the store.  A boy who had broken no laws, was doing nothing wrong, and likely was defending himself.

What did he do wrong?  He was black, in a hoodie.  According to Zimmerman he fit the description of hoodlums that were terrorizing his neighborhood, and that made him suspicious.  And by fit the description, we mean he was young and black. And that's the new definition of "usual suspect".  And if I'm being honest, that's true for just about every race including our own. 

There's only one person alive who really knows what happened that night.  My guess is Trayvon felt threatened and defended himself. He was stalked. And when he got the best of the man he felt was threatening him, he was shot and killed. 

So what do we learn from this?  What can we take away now that George Zimmerman was found not guilty? What do we teach our kids?

I'm admittedly a very fair black woman.  My experience in life is dramatically different from that of my husband who is dark skinned.  I'm not threatening, he is.  Women grab their purses when he walks by, in stores people will walk past the aisle he's in several times until he leaves, as if he's too terrifying to be within a few feet of him.  People will sit in their cars until he passes.  That is his reality.  Every day. No matter if he's at work, or at the home that we own.  No, it's not everyone that he encounters, but it is virtually an every day experience.  What does this mean for him?  When just being dark is enough to "scare" someone.

The truth is, we face this every day.  Nothing is different today than it was yesterday.  This is just a reminder, a refresher that although things have changed, they haven't.

So do we teach our children to:
  • Run instead of defend themselves? 
  • Be meek in every situation, a throw back to "yes sir, yes ma'am" ? 
  • To never congregate in groups? 
While the knee jerk reaction is no!!! What if it keeps our babies alive?  If not that, what? 

Yes, there are problems in the inner city, and I have a lot of feelings about those murders as well.  (A lot of which is if you don't have to live there, don't.  But that's a post of its own)

Progress isn't over.  The struggle isn't over.  But, the criminal case is, and while I'm not at all surprised by the verdict, it still breaks my heart.

Rest in Peace Trayvon, Oscar, Jordan and countless others.   

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tape Me Up!

I've gone back and forth about how much of me I want to put on this blog. And if I'm honest, when looking back at what I've written in the past I've never thought "oooohhhhh I shouldn't have talked about that".  In fact, it's always been quite the opposite.

Despite that, I'm a pretty quiet person. If something is going on with me, there are likely very few individuals that know.  I'm not one to tell everyone all of my business. 

I'm stalling. 

Something's going on with my insides. Things aren't quite right and they haven't been for a while. 

Earlier this year I was doing big things, working out every morning, getting fit and really working towards maintaining my weight. Then two things happened, I caught a cold from Ladybug and I went back on regular birth control.  I glazed over it here.  My level of energy changed dramatically.  Suddenly, walking up stairs left me winded.  And I was getting lightheaded/dizzy.    I stopped the pills, but things didn't improve.

And then my arms went numb.  I could still move them, but they didn't feel right.  The first time I googled, I came up with carpal tunnel.  Wasn't concerned in the least.  Until I googled again and came up with MS.  That changed the game for me.  It was a Thursday and I called to make an appointment for the following Monday.  When I told the rep what the appointment was for she paused.  Not a good catch your breath kind of pause, a "awww damn you're about to keel over" pause and promptly informed me the doctor had appointments available that day. 

On Friday, I went to the doctor.  Unfortunately, my doc was out and the PA I saw graduated about 13 minutes before my appointment.  She listened to ALLLLLLLLLL of my symptoms.  And ordered a bunch of blood work, a pee in a cup, an EKG, chest x-ray and heart monitor.  I am actively wearing the heart monitor (we'll get back to that).  Everything else came back normal.  Extra normal.  If something had a normal range of 1-30, my level is 15.  Smack dab in the middle of normal, normal.  No indication of anything doing anything.  My skeleton is unremarkable and has no significant defects.  It almost sounds like an insult to my skeleton, and I'd still like to know about my insignificant defects.  Are my ribs lopsided? Is my sternum off center?

I'm actively wearing a holter monitor.  Like right this moment.  I have to wear it for a total of 48 hours. 
Most possible tape!  Don't fall off me!

This thing works by having these electrodes stuck to your body.  Well!  Let me tell you, this is no small feat when you're a sweaty person.  Non sweaty people won't understand.  I'm a sweaty person, these things are sliding all over the place.  I've taped, the tape slides too.  I bought more tape today.  I should just wrap myself like a mummy. I so hope that me having the consistency of a swamp monster doesn't throw of the results.  Because wearing this thing isn't fun at all.  Sleeping is less funner.  Less funner! 

I hope that this will lead to a diagnosis of something real small that I can eat watermelon or something to fix.   So that's what I'm claiming.  Acute watermelon deficiency.  I've got that. 


Monday, July 1, 2013


This wasn't my original post for tonight.  I was going to talk about the mutants that are invading my backyard.  But then this story came on the news.

The surveillance video from an Oklahome Walmart shows a heroic police officer saving a 2-year-old girl from the clutches of a deranged man with a knife. He did so by shooting the criminal at point-blank range, killing him.
Sammie Wallace, age 37, grabbed a todder from her mother’s shopping cart, held the child with a knife to her throat, police detailed.
Her mom screams for help, and other shoppers call 911 and surround Wallace, according to police.
“I mean we waited until the last second to use deadly force,” police chief Brandon Clabes told NBC affiliate KFOR-TV.
“No one wants to take a life, especially in the line of duty.”
Police released video and 911 audio from the June 17 incident last week.

Fearing for the child’s well being, a heroic police officer, Capt. David Huff, shot the man at point-blank range. The child was unharmed in the horrifying ordeal.

Wallace had no prior connection to the child or her mother, police said.

You walk into a grocery store and deliberately take a child, give the child's mother a phone and tell her to call the police.  You walk around and hold a knife to the child's neck, starting a countdown.  According to the report, one officer distracted him while a second fired a single round into his head.  The little girl is fine.

Some people are asking "were the actions of the police justifiable?"

Hell yes.

You don't accidentally end up with a 2 year old on your lap and a knife up to her neck.  That's not an "oops my bad moment." He planned this, may have planned the ending to go that way.

Others are saying, "her mother walked away from the cart"


There is absolutely no reason why any reasonable person would be expected to foresee this.  THIS doesn't happen.  You're supposed to have one hand on the kid at all times?  What if something is on a high shelf?  Or there's an idiot contemplating the meaning of life in front of the milk?  How is this the mothers fault?

And then there's the "they should've tased him" group.

Are you that slow?

There's a reason they yell clear before shocking someone.  Tasing him would have tased the little girl as well, jeopardizing her safety.  She did nothing wrong.

I don't know what was going on with Mr. Wallace, don't have a clue as to the demons he faced. I hope he finds peace in the afterlife.  But.  I'm not sad about how he got there.

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