Friday, June 21, 2013

What's In A Name - Kim and Kanye Name Their Baby

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Kim and Kanye's baby is here.  The good news is that the baby and mommy are seemingly healthy (I mean I really don't KNOW cause I don't KNOW them, but whatever) and Kim can stop shoving her preganancy swollen feet into shoes no comfort loving person should wear.

TMZ and a bunch of other people are reporting that Kim and Kanye named their baby North West.  No middle name.  Just North West.    People are falling out!  How could they do such a thing?!?!  That baby is never going to have a "Normal" life.

Few Things:

  1. This is America!  You can name your baby whatever you want.  Well, except for curse words.  Or Adolf Hitler 
  2. What they named their kid has absolutely no bearing on your life.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.  The electric company is not going to take "they named that baby North West" as a valid reason for not disconnecting your electric for non payment.  
  3. North's peer group does not have "normal" names.  North will not being going to the public school down the road.  Likely, she will not be attending school with Alyssas and Emilys and Olivias.  Her peer group is Apple, Blue, Everly, Rainbow and Rekker.  North doesn't seem as weird now does it?
  4. (really 3b) It's kind of funny that DaQuanitia and Lovelleon's parents think North is a weird name.  
  5. There's no way that the child of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian was going to have a "normal" life.  And, who decided what normal is in the first place?    
That being said, here are my picks for the name of their next baby:

  • Housis Facing West
  • Sunsets Inda West
  • Garmin  Zesgo West
  • Whatever We'reRichAndYou'reNot West

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  1. Girl, you are so right! I especially love your last name choice...


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