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I've got a lot of things on my mind and I needed to write here.  Here.  Right here at my happy blog home.  Not about random things like how to find a Locksmith and what's important when evaluating Internet service providers.  I needed to write about what is in my head and my heart - but I'm only giving me 30 minutes to do it. 

Stuck In A Rut

The a/c in my car is acting the fool.  It has been for years, and for years I've had it looked at and no one can find a leak.  But... after time the freon is all gone and I'm back to non-working air.  I got it serviced 3 weeks ago, and it is struggling already.   I'd really like to get a new car.  Maybe a nice RAV-4 or CRV.  Something that won't depreciate super fast and make me sad.  Something with better gas mileage.  Something with working a/c.  But because I am the most upside down on a car that anyone has ever been, I can't.  I'm stuck.  Being stuck sucks. I let it get to me yesterday.  Today is better.  Just have to keep moving

Birth Control Control

For obvious reasons, I wasn't on birth control from 2008 - 2011.  Before that, I was on the pill and didn't have any problems.  After Ladybug was born, I went on the minipill because I was breast feeding.  I spotted a lot and had random cycles but was told that was a normal side effect.  I stopped taking it a couple times but picked it up again until I ran out.

A couple of months ago I went to the doc and got a real rx for the real bc pill.  The doc only gave me a three months supply and I was annoyed.  A-Noyed.

Well it turns out her medical degree is worth something because I got a whole slew of side effects.  Number one - WEIGHT GAIN!!!! And lethargy and a whole lotta other crap.  I stopped taking them.  I need to go back to the doctor.

Where do I go from here?  I don't know.  I'm anti depo, it's what made me fat in the first place.  I'm not a fan of how IUIs work.  But extra babies are not in the plan, unless someone wants to prepay for 5 years of child care.  If you're willing to do that, I'm down.

This was supposed to be way longer, but I have to go write about finding a dentist.   

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  1. Oh no, Bek!! Big Hugs....I can totally see you as that little kitty stuck in the boot. It's funny you should mention bc. I haven't been on it for about six years now. I actually stopped taking it right after I met El Hubster, which seemed counterintuitive at the time, but it worked out!

    I was reading up on natural family planning all day yesterday because I can't imagine getting on bc again. I had a really horrible drive tanked, I blew up like a humpback whale. Maybe look into that? The website has some great thoughts on alternative bc.

    I think I'm gonna try that out at some point. Since we're hoping to have at least one more child within the next two years, I won't be trying it anytime soon.

    If not that, we'll probably go back to condoms because we only fornicate like 2-3 times a week anyway...

  2. We're going to have to do some natural family planning for a while because I can't figure out what works without a bunch of side effects. I don't need side effects, side effects make me sad. LOL


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