Wednesday, June 26, 2013


10:14 PM

No is Ladybug's favorite word now.  One of her first ways to commuicate was shaking her head no, so this wasn't that much of a surprise.  She answered no to everything.

But this is different.  This is her tiny little way of asserting her baby independence.  Last week, I asked her to hand me something that she'd picked up.  She paused and thought about it, then said the tiniest little itty bitty  no  .  It was that small.  Like she knew she was entering dangerous territory. And straight to the corner she went.

Tiny figure = Ladybug in the corner

She said "no" all the way to school this morning.  I asked "No what?" she didn't have an answer.  She gave a chorus of nos while eating dinner.  Still not sure what that was about, but she means no.  She really does.

I know that tantrums and all of the "fun" that is a part of the terrible twos is coming.  And we'll have to keep tweaking discipline as she matures.  So far she seems like a big sensitive Sally like me, which means the corner is going to be pretty effective.  woooo hoooo.  I hope, LOL

Also, it's probably wrong to giggle while your child is in the corner, but that tiny no was funny. 

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  1. Ladybug in the corner might be the cutest thing I've ever seen....poor thing. I feel so sorry for her...:-(

  2. Kids are so funny. I find myself having to leave or wait until backs are turned so I won't burst into laughter right in front of them. I think it might completely undermine the discipline efforts. LOL!!


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