Monday, May 27, 2013

To My 18 Month Old Daughter

9:43 PM

Dear Ladybug,

You turned 18 months old today.  Part of me doesn't even begin to understand how that's possible.  In a lot of ways, it seems like I was just pregnant.  And at the same time, holding an itty bitty baby seems like it happened so long ago.  It's crazy how time can move slow and fast simultaneously.

It's amazing to watch you develop into a little girl.  There are so many ways you are just like me.  You're so sensitive.  It's all about tone with you, the wrong tone can turn you into a bucket of tears instantly.  You love to receive praise, clapping and saying "YAY" will motivate you to do just about anything.  You love to help, you thinking helping is the best thing ever.  And, you're not afraid to ask for help.  I hope that sticks with you, that you always feel comfortable coming to me when something is too much for you to handle.  And I pray that I'm always as supportive as I am now.  There's a tough, scary world out there that would like nothing more than to see you fail, it's my job to counteract that.  You love books!  You love to be read to and to "read" to everyone else. 

You're the world's greatest eater.  You think rice and beans are the best things ever.  Second only to pizza "piza-piece".  You know what a pizza box looks like and you're not afraid in the least to demand your pizza right now!   You've got a wicked addiction to milk, and you voice it all the time.  Even though you're getting your second molars, in the middle of the night all you need is some milk and cuddles.  And occasionally to sleep on my pillow and allow me 4-1/2 inches of space on the mattress.

You're obviously the smartest baby in the universe.  There are so many words you can say, and you are a wiz at conveying your feelings.  You've recently started telling me when you need a diaper, so tonight, we broke out the potty!  And you put pee-pee in it! I have photographic evidence that I fully plan to pull out whenever you have friends over as a teenager.  

You're starting to try and assert your independence.  We haven't seen a full temper tantrum yet, but it is definitely apparent when you are not happy with something.  Running in the opposite direction is your new favorite game, although you always come back.  It's crazy, as parents, we spend all this time keeping you close, so we can teach you how to succeed when we're apart.

You've only been here for 18 months, yet I have a hard time remembering my life without you.  You're my little partner-in-crime, my little running buddy, my favorite person in the whole wide world.  I am blessed to have had the past 18 months with you.  Every day you learn something, you become better at something, you find another way to melt my heart.

I love you Ladybug. Every moment of being your mommy is a dream come true. 

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  1. I'm not crying my own tears, not at all. So happy that you have been blessed with your not-so-tiny anymore miracle. Being a Mommy is such a crazy, exciting, scary, fun ride!

    1. Must be the pollen in the air, that's it, just the pollen.

      Thank you for all of your support and wisdom and awesomeness.

  2. Oh, Bek, this was beautiful. It's gonna be so great when she can look back on this post and read how much her mommy loves her! :0)

    1. Thanks! That's part of the reason why I did it. :-)

  3. And as the grandmother, of your own miracle, please know that you are my miracle and I am so proud of you. I love you both. Mama

  4. Sweetness. You ALL are making me cry now.:)


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