Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Best Book Ever

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This weekend, Ladybug, my mother and I went garage sale shopping.  My mom's town has a citywide garage sale and it was a great opportunity to hit everywhere at once.  We came out with a few great finds, a jogging stroller for $35, a train set, and a bunch of books. 

I was feeling quite frustrated this weekend.  Well, not just this weekend, but in general.  I don't know if I'd call it a rut, maybe a rut-lite.  I've been feeling as though I'm not living up to my potential and as if I've made a bunch of poor life decisions. 

Ladybug loves books.  LOVES THEM.  Books are her favorite thing ever.  She'll bring you a book in a minute and demand you read it to her.  She even reads to the dog

And she gets mad when the dog doesn't return the favor.  Tonight we read one of our garage sale finds and woah buddy!  It was right on time.

It seems as though the greatest wisdom is reserved for little people.  By the time you're old enough to use it, you've forgotten it, or it seems to be "fluff".  But today it was right on time.  It's part two of the "I Think I Can" book (Who knew there was a part two??), my favorite parts were

"You'll go through tunnels, surrounded by dark,
And you'll wish for a light or even a spark.
You might get scared or a little bit sad,
Wondering if maybe your track has gone bad.

So here's some advice to help ease your doubt;
The track you took in must also go out. (aka when you're going through hell, keep moving, if you stop you'll be stuck there forever)
So steady yourself and just keep on going -
Before you know it, some light will be showing.
And then you'll be out, heading to a new place.
You'll be ready for the next tunnel you face."


"If you rush forward, as a general rule,
Before you arrive, you could run out of fuel.
Don't overwork, but save up some strength.
That way, every day, you can travel great lengths.

You'll need all that strength on the days when you're stuck,
Or tired, or sad, or just out of luck.
When your belief in yourself doesn't feel quite so pure,
And your "I think I can" doesn't sound quite so sure.

That's when to push and to strive and to strain,
To show the world you're not a giving-up train.
And you're wise if you know that doing your best
Means that sometimes you should just slow down and rest." (sometimes the best way to hurry up is to slow down - my daddy)

Maybe someone else needed to hear this today.  Just because you seem stuck doesn't mean you are.  And giving up is typically not an option, but coming up for air is absolutely fine. 

I'm breathing - and going back in. 

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