Monday, May 13, 2013

Scandal Post: Unaswered Questions

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I know a lot of people loved last week’s Scandal.  They thought it was fabulous.  I was so looking forward to a SURPRISE!!!!  I think the traitor was obvious, but the mole was unexpected mostly because I thought he was dead/in jail.  Guess not.  

Here are some of my unanswered questions:

  1. Now that we know David was playing everyone, does he know about Liv and Fitz?  Could he have been playing stupid about their relationship or did he really not know who Fitz was cheating with?     
  2. While talking to “Earl” we learn that part of Jake’s mission was to get between Liv and Fitz.  That means “Earl” knew about Fitz and Liv.  Does this also mean that Jake’s dive between Liv’s magical thighs was just to fulfill his mission?
  3. Everyone seems to be afraid to play the Olivia Card with Fitz.  Mellie didn’t name Olivia because Fitz would hate her.  Cyrus didn’t tell Fitz about Jake and Olivia because Cy would hate him.  Does Fitz have some magical unicorn capabilities that we don’t know about?  Or is it really the office of president that is most important to Mellie and Cyrus.
  4. Liv gets a lot of phone calls.  And whenever she hangs up and her phone rings immediately she always assumes the person is calling her back.  This is almost always a bad idea.  You’d think after the first few times she’d stop that.  Checking the caller ID isn’t that hard is it? 
  5. Everyone say how David reacted when he learned the Citron card still existed, yet no one thought it was weird that he wanted to stay behind alone in the office?

“Earl” is my name for Jake’s contact, we still don’t know his name, so I call him Earl. 

What do you think?

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  1. I must be following too many blogs cause I did not see this in my feed! Boooo!

    Mellie and Cy care about Fitz being POTUS. Although, lately, Mellie has made me believe that she does also want her marriage to Fitz to be 'real' and not just for show. I sympathize with her cause I'd have cut his ass.


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