Monday, May 20, 2013

Couch to 5K - C25K - Week 1 Day 1

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Yes, I know that day 0 was 15 days ago.  We're not here for judgement people.

If you haven't seen "This is 40" you should, it's friggin hilarious!  I've been feeling a lot like Sadie lately.

After avoiding being physically active like the plague, I was back on the road today.  And I didn't travel alone, I figured that I'd take the Zahra, dog with me since she's, well, she's like me.  She does what she's supposed to do, she trots around the backyard, she chases birds, you know, standard doggy stuff, but she's not out there trying to win decathlons or anything.  And she's tubby.  She's 1/2 English Bulldog and she's supposed to be tubby, but not THAT tubby.

One trip around our subdivision is roughly 1/3 a mile.  According to the evil lady that lives in the C25K app, first up is the 5 minute walk to warm up. Works for me, walking isn't bad at all.  Especially when you're listening to BEYONCE!!!! Then came the first "jog".  I tried to find an app that started with like a 15 second jog instead of a 60 second jog, but my phone is almost out of memory so that wasn't an option.   Zahra was a trooper until we got to the jog part.  Apparently, Zahra doesn't "jog".  Pulling a 60 pound dog is not what's up.  After the first trip around the subdivision, she gave up on me. She kind of just refused to go anymore.  I brought her back in the house. 

With 20 minutes left on my workout, I tried to go back to "jogging", but it was hard.  Because I was imagining what the lady on the C25K looked like, and then knocking her over.  She kept saying stupid things to me like "start running".  I tried to run.  I did.  Maybe I need to do bed to couch before I can do couch to 5K.  I'd say I ran about 30% of the time I was supposed to, which is a start.

And I sweated!  (Is that a word?)   I used to think I didn't sweat a lot.  Maybe I was just dehydrated cause OMG!!!

Jethro ran track in high school, he took his team to state.  When I was done, I asked him, "You used to do this for fun"?!?!  Who does this for fun?  This is the opposite of fun. 

I did it all the same.  Week 1 Day 1 down, a whooooolllllleeeee lot to go.
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And kind of related (but not really).  Last night on the Billboard Awards, Nicki Minaj danced with her "butt".  Here's the thing.  It didn't move.  I assure you, big butts move.  I felt mine move all over the place.  Nicki Minaj's bootie is fake. Her bootie is a lie.


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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Go get it girl~ I'm so glad I didn't watch the awards to see her lying sure does look fake..

    1. I usually don't watch, but I heard Prince was going to be on. That's all it took! LOL


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