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Scandal Post: Huck's Family

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*Spoiler alert - If you haven't, watched Seven Fifty-Two don't keep reading.*

This week, we get more of Huck's back story.  We learn how he became a member of the CIA. It turns out they give a test to military folks to determine their aptitude for being an information extractor.  I'm not sure what questions are on that test, and it's probably best that I don't know.   Nonetheless, Huck passes with flying colors.  There's one important thing, he's not supposed to have any attachments. No wife, nothing to tie him down.

But he does have the girlfriend and whoops she's knocked and then they're married and look a baby!  Except that the CIA folks don't take kindly to that and they throw him in a hole because he had the nerve to be loved by someone. 
It's probably weird that I still find him hot.

As I was writing my recap, something occurred to me.

Back in episode 6 of this Season, Spies Like Us, we learn that the other spies called Huck "Spin" which was short for Spinster, because they never thought he'd find anyone.  This was supposedly why Becky was able to put the poontang voodoo on him so easily. 

Buutttttt... This week, we know Huck had someone.  And the CIA special killer/torture ops weren't supposed to have attachments, so not having someone wouldn't have been unusual. No one would've thought anything of it.  And, given the time line, he only would've done the wet work for like a year before disappearing, so there wouldn't have been years of seeing him with no one to alarm anyone else. 

So the question is, did Huck make up the family in his mind?  He told Liv he wasn't sure they were real.  Or, did the writers decide to give Huck a back story but missed tying up the loose details?  Or was it something else? 

What do you think?

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