Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Scandal Blog: Dear Huck - You're Slipping

9:31 PM

Dear Huck,

Even though you are my favorite make-believe person in the world, I'm having a hard time writing you.  And no, it's not the whole Quinn situation, I guess I can get over that.  Hollis blew her boyfriend up and Becky is locked up so I guess you two can get together.  I'd hate for you to end up like poor fake Rico Suave Harrison. (Don't be mad, you know Harrison's "dates" are like Tommy from Martin's "job")
Harrison?? Is that you?

But here's the thing.  Lately, you've been slipping.   We forgave you for freaking out in the rain and letting David get run up on.  No one really likes David anyway.  We forgave you for smelling all kinds of rank, water boarding can definitely mess up your mind.

But this?!?!  You're better than this Huck!!!!

No self-respecting stalker/assassin/super hacker would be this dumb.  You'd never do this on a schedule.  Ever!  And why so infrequently?  If someone wanted to bug Olivia, wouldn't they be clever enough to figure out the routine?  And then do precisely what CJ (Crazy Jake) is doing?  

Huck.  You're better than this.  I know things have been hard, but you've got to step it up.  Step. It. Up.

Also - Does Quinn not own pants?  Put on same dang pants!  You don't do recon in a skirt.  Doofus!

Please go back to being the regular, no mistakes, super focused Huck.  We need you, Olivia needs you and without Olivia there is no Scandal.  And without Scandal, Thursday nights are kind of lame.



P.S.  Transunion... you keep forgetting about me.

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