Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hope Floats - And So Do Other Things

10:33 PM

I've been a lax poster this month.  I can't blame it on just one thing, but I will say inertia is definitely in effect and I am currently "not in motion".

Thursday morning I woke up to one of he most horrible odors ever.  I immediately wondered what in the heck did Jethro eat? Or that maybe we should go back to putting the dog in her room at night.  Either way, someone's innards were bad, wrong, incorrect, led astray, something. 

If only I'd been so lucky.

Our basement, the one that never floods ever, was invaded by sewage after the storms Wednesday night.  Sewage!!!!!  There was other folks' poop in my house!  In my carpet, in the laundry room, in the basement, everywhere!!!

Well, not quite everywhere.  But still.  Foreign poop in my house.  IN.  MY.  HOUSE. And while they were extremely nice, the restoration company really sucked at giving ETAs.  I need to know when the poop will be gone.  HELP ME!!!!! "Um you see ma'am, we've never had..." blah blah blah, get the poop out of my house!!

I am oh so thankful and blessed to have insurance coverage, and today, albeit three days later, the clean up is done.  No more poo!  No more poooooo! 

We still have to replace the carpet in the family room, which I miss.  Ladybug has been playing in our room instead and woooo lawwwwdddd.  "Take everything off Mommy's nightstand is much more exciting than playing with my puzzles"   Hopefully by next weekend we'll be back in business.

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